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RRPagingCollectionView screenshot


The simplest way to make your collection view pagination

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Infinite Scroll screenshot

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scrolling allows users to load content continuously, eliminating the need for user's explicit actions. App loads some initial data and then load the rest of the data when the user reaches ...

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TableviewPaginator screenshot


While paginating in UITableView, several things required to do manually, when doing this task for each and every view controller, code duplicity and effort is high priority issue. To resolve this u...

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TinderUserProfile screenshot


Tinder/Bumble like user image with user details scroll animation

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AZCollectionViewController screenshot


Auto pagination for UICollectionView. No more empty views you can create your own error, loading views in story board or with xib's.

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PageControl screenshot


A simple way to navigate between pages by using gestures

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AZ-TableView screenshot


AZ TableView provide you with simple easy pagination and also dummy loading and error views.

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Viewer screenshot


Image viewer (or Lightbox) with support for local and remote videos and images

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FAPaginationLayout screenshot


Collection view pagination layout.

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HHPageView screenshot


An ideal alternative of UIPageControl.

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PaginationManager screenshot



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HHSlideView screenshot


A custom segment control view with flat style.

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UPCarouselFlowLayout screenshot


UPCarouselFlowLayout is a fancy carousel flow layout for UICollectionView. It comes with a paginated effect and it shrinks and makes transparent the side items.

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JTTableViewController screenshot


A ViewController for manage pagination and loaders for iOS.

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ISScrollViewPageSwift screenshot


This is a easy implementation if you need put yours UIViewControllers inside an UIScrollView navigation style.

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ABCIntroView screenshot


ABCIntroView is an easy to use on-boarding view which allows you to introduce the user to the application before reaching the Main Screen.

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SHViewPager screenshot


A simple view pager for iOS, which acts similar to android's viewPager. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. Supports iPhones and iPads in all interface orientation. ## Advantages * [x] Support...

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DKPaginatedTableViewController screenshot


Paginated Table View Controller - controller for pagination data in UITableViewController. You need just to inherit your table view controller from DKPaginatedTableViewController. Please revi...

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NMPaginator screenshot


NMPaginator is a simple Objective-C class that handles pagination for you. It makes it easy to display results from API webservices that take page and per_page parameters.

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SYPaginator screenshot


Simple paging scroll view to make complicated tasks easier. Used in several of the Synthetic apps including Hipstamatic, D-Series, and IncrediBooth.

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FireUIPagedScrollView screenshot


Very nice UIScrollView ready to handle View Controllers as pages, handle orientation changes and integrate with UIPageControl and UISegmentedControl out of the box. Features: - Handles Orienta...

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Vertically swipe between pages of content screenshot

Vertically swipe between pages of content

As seen in the Reeder iPhone app, pull to see the title of the next page of content. Pull far enough and the next page slides in to replace the current page.

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