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SSPatternLock screenshot


Easy to use and configurable patternlock view for ios

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XCoordinator screenshot


Powerful navigation library for iOS based on the coordinator pattern.

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Haptico screenshot


Haptico 📳 - easy to use haptic feedback generator with pattern-play support

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DesignPatternsInSwift screenshot


This repository contains all the code and explanations from my book 'Design Patterns in Swift', live at All code written in Swift4. Do give a star if you like ...

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HexPatternView screenshot


Create Beautiful hex design View.

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GoogleNewsStandAnimation screenshot


It is same like Google News Stand Animation with Customise Configuration file in Swift iOS Technology. This is the hot spot animation (with 4 swipe Gestures up,Down,Left,right) where user can se...

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FluxCapacitor screenshot


FluxCapacitor is the Flux design pattern supporting framework. It makes implementing Flux easily with protocols(Storable, Actionable, DispatchValue). The special feature of Flux is "Data in a Flux...

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Kommander screenshot


Kommander is a Swift library to manage the task execution in different threads. Through the definition a simple but powerful concept, Kommand.

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ViperCode screenshot


A simple OS X App for generating VIPER modules's skeleton to use them in your Objective-C/Swift projects.

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CommandBus screenshot


A light weight Command Bus implementation written in Swift

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PatternLock screenshot


A Pattern Lock Component for iOS, Supports iOS 7 - 9

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WAAppRouting screenshot


WAAppRouting is a library to help you dealing with routing on your app by handling controllers. The key point is that WAAppRouting handles a stack of controllers! After a simple configuration, cal...

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SimpleMVVM screenshot


A simple Objective-C MVVM example with singletons and KVC/KVO.

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LRRepositoryPattern screenshot


An iOS example app based on the repository pattern and Typhoon DI framework

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G8MaterialKitTextField screenshot


The MKTextField Validator v. 1.0 - Totally @IBInspectable Automatic MKTextField validation, using regex patterns (Some patterns are already available in the project. They are manually settable t...

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RBCommander screenshot


Commands are used to remove all of the business logic that goes inside ViewController to their respective commands and handlers.

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CKTextField screenshot


Enhanced UITextField, with improved visuals for a sweet UX. Add input validation via Storyboard! The CKTextField displays a green checkmark once the user entered a valid content. It will shake, ...

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ESCObservable screenshot


An iOS eventing framework (alternative to using NSNotificationCenter or delegates for eventing). Includes an example HSB color picker app (as seen in screenshot) showing how to make use of the fra...

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SPLockScreen screenshot


A simple pattern lock control for iOS (similar to the android pattern lock) * no graphics or images * all colors and sizes are customizable * can enable closed-type (complex type) patterns, of...

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