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BDLocalizedDevicesModels screenshot


May 12, 2019 • MIT License
Apple product names localized - directly by identifying the current device.
Updates screenshot


March 01, 2019 • MIT License
📲Automatically detects app updates and gently prompts users to upgrade.
tuist screenshot


February 15, 2019 • MIT License
🚀 Create, maintain, and interact with Xcode projects at scale
ShakeToChange screenshot


April 19, 2017 • MIT License
Change environment using shake
G8SliderStep screenshot


August 27, 2016 • MIT License
Custom Range UISlider for iOS, in Swift - Draggable, Tappable, Inspectable.
ARDeepLinkButton screenshot


May 09, 2016 • MIT License
#UIButton subclass that handle deep links, shows in-app #SKStoreProductViewController or redirects to the #AppStore. Written in #Swift 2.1.1
HuntingKit screenshot


May 28, 2015 • MIT License
Wrapper for the ProductHunt API. Written in Swift
UpvoteControl screenshot


May 14, 2015 • MIT License
UIControl that mimics the behavior of the up vote widget in sites like Product Hunt. Written in Swift
MultiProductViewer screenshot


April 12, 2014 • MIT License
MultiProductViewer implements a GUI for displaying multiple App Store products in a scrolling list. By tapping on a product, the user is taken to a page where they can see more info about the app a...
CRProductTour screenshot


February 25, 2014 • Apache 2.0 License
This popup control is a user help system for iOS. Show bubbles next to buttons or other views to introduce the user to different features of the app.
DAAppsViewController screenshot


April 18, 2013 • MIT License
DAAppsViewController is a simple way of displaying apps from the App Store in an aesthetically similar manner. The user is able to view each app's App Store page by launching an instance of SKStore...