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KRPullLoader(pull refresh) screenshot

KRPullLoader(pull refresh)

A 'pull to refresh' control for UIScrollView(, UITableView, UICollectionView, ...).

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LGRefreshView screenshot


iOS pull to refresh for UIScrollView, UITableView and UICollectionView

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PullToMakeFlight screenshot


Some fun pull-to-refresh that can be easily added to UIScrollView

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GIFRefreshControl screenshot


GIFRefreshControl is a pull to refresh that supports GIF images as track animations.

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PullToMakeSoup screenshot


Custom animated pull-to-refresh that can be easily added to UIScrollView

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RefreshableListview screenshot


A pull-to-refresh ListView which shows a loading spinner while your data reloads.

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INSPullToRefresh screenshot


A simple to use very generic pull-to-refresh and infinite scrolling functionalities as a UIScrollView category.

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PullToRefreshSwift screenshot


iOS simple cool PullToRefresh Library.

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CBStoreHouseRefreshControl screenshot


Fully customizable pull-to-refresh control inspired by Storehouse iOS app, you can use any shape through a plist file, very very cool!

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PullToRefreshCoreText screenshot


PullToRefresh extension for all UIScrollView type classes with animated text drawing style

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Refresher screenshot


Pull to refresh in Swift

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BMYCircularProgressPullToRefresh screenshot


Pull to fresh with circular progress view as used in the Beamly iOS app. This version of the pull to refresh feature can be used both on UITableViews and UICollectionViews and it has been inspired by Sam Vermette's SVPullToRefresh. When dealing with a custom pull to refresh view, often the native UIRefreshControl is not ideal as it is not customizable. A common customization besides the pull to refresh, is to have a circular progress view with the logo of the app to show during the dragging.

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STZPullToRefresh screenshot


UI Component like ActionBar-PullToRefresh of Android for iOS.

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MNTPullToReact screenshot


MNTPullToReact is an extended evolution of the famous Pull to Refresh interaction.

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SpiralPullToRefresh screenshot


Twitter Music-like pull-to-refresh controller but a bit more enhanced and flexible. Additionally, it supports 3 types of waiting animations: random flashing, linear flashing and circular flashing. Moreover particles gathering together using a galaxy/spiral animation.

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MSPullToRefreshController screenshot


Allows you to have implement a "pull to refresh" control on any UIScrollView. Why is better than other implementations? - It's unintrusive, and simply observes the content offset of the scroll view. - You can provide custom views. - You can provide custom behaviors to the "refresh" cycle! AKA Once pulled past a certain offset, you can perform anything you want! - You can implement pull to refresh in ANY of the 4 sides. pull up to load more? With this you can literally implement any "pull-to-refresh" library with the 6 delegates inside! NOTE: This library was created by the wonderful team of and from GoMiso.

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RefreshableScrollView screenshot


An NSScrollView subclass that supports pull-to-refresh both in the top and bottom edges. The intended usage is for hosting a timeline-like view that shows a list of messages in reverse-chronological order.

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QBRefreshControl screenshot


An abstract base class for creating a refresh control.

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ISRefreshControl screenshot


An iOS4-compatible version of the UIRefreshControl, introduced in iOS 6.

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MNMPullToRefresh screenshot


MNMPullToRefresh is a solution to add pull-to-refresh feature at the top of an UITableView. This solution has its basis on the Mediator design pattern ( 'MNMPullToRefreshManager' acts as a Mediator between the pull-to-refresh view and its container table view, decoupling the view and the scroll management. In order to maintain this decoupling, there is no 'UITableView' subclass, allowing developers to add this behavior as an aggregate of its own subclasses of 'UITableView' without creating an intermediate class or adding directly in the UIViewController that manages table delegate and data source.

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MOOPullGesture screenshot


Clean, versatile pull gesture for iOS perfectionists. Comes with pull-to-create and pull-to-refresh.

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