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ARPlayer screenshot


Playback videos by placing TV anywhere on the surface using ARKit and AVFoundation. Current version of ARPlayer has such features: playback control (pause, stop, next video, previous video), ability to scale and rotate media player, animatable and tactile interaction with playback controls, re-position of the media player within current horizontal plane, horizontal planes detection.

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AR-Pizza-Slicer screenshot


Let Augmented Reality help you to create a perfect sliced pizza in 5 different shapes!

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MD360Player4iOS screenshot


It is a lite library to render 360 degree panorama video for iOS. VR Player.

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RTFramework screenshot


Just a simple framework to display 3d content, easy to integrate with augmented reality frameworks(tested with vuforia)

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BRSunTracker screenshot


Augmented Reality classes that track and display the sun position on the screen

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DBCompass screenshot


DBCompass helps you to develop iOS apps in which you need to determine the heading of the user's phone (refered to a coordinate) or the distance between the user and a given location. It offers you a way to track the user's location and heading given by a coordinate or an address. Really useful for geolocation AR applications.

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PRAugmentedReality screenshot


iOS AR Library with Drupal communication module. PRAugmentedReality is an easy to use iOS Augmented Reality Library - Well optimized for all devices, even the older iPhones. What it provides: * An Augmented reality view out-of-the-box * Customizable AR Overlays

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Greenscreen screenshot


Composite arbitrary content onto a greenscreen on your iPad. A project based off Erik M. Buck's code, available from All credit goes to this guy, I just tweaked the code so that I can run it on a retina iPad. Changes I have made: Remove a lot of code that was unreachable. Made the vertex shader more discerning re: green color. i.e. the pixel has to be more green than before to become transparent. Stops things like yellow being semi transparent. Added support for retina devices.

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