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BSZoomGridScrollView screenshot


Boooooring grid-scrollview that is only good at zooming series of views continuously, tracking your touch.

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Cheats screenshot


🎮Console video game-style cheat codes for iOS apps.

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DJCaptureButton screenshot


Camera styled capture button with 3D touch

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ContainerView screenshot


ContainerView is designed to add a cool swim from the bottom to the animation with the effect of scale, controlled by the help of a gesture, scrollView also takes control. The idea is taken from the application:

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SpeechRecognizerButton screenshot


UIButton subclass with push to talk recording, speech recognition and Siri-style waveform view.

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PanGesture-CATransform screenshot


Tinderstyle PanGesture based UIBezierPath and CATransform Animation

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availability screenshot


A generic approach for UICollectionView with UIPanGestureRecognizer for multiple selection

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Sliding Table View Cell for iOS screenshot

Sliding Table View Cell for iOS

Custom UITableViewCell that can be swiped either way to reveal a "drawer" with between 1 and 4 customizable action buttons. These action buttons fade and grow into view as the drawer is swiped. This cell works on all orientations and all devices.

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PanGestureView screenshot


PanGestureView allows you to attach custom actions that will be triggered when the user pans the view. Think of it as a swipeable UITableViewCell, but as a generic UIView.

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ElasticTransition ObjC Version screenshot

ElasticTransition ObjC Version

A UIKit custom transition that simulates an elastic drag.This is the Objective-C Version of Elastic Transition written in Swift by lkzhao

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Sensitive screenshot


Fresh look at work with gestures in Swift.

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EECellSwipeGestureRecognizer screenshot


Clean and easy way to implement swipe actions to UITableViewCell.

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Elastic Transition screenshot

Elastic Transition

A UIKit custom modal transition that simulates an elastic drag. Written in Swift.

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DRCellSlideGestureRecognizer screenshot


Make your cells actionable through swipes

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CXSwipeGestureRecognizer screenshot


UIPanGestureRecognizer subclass that takes much of the effort out of recognizing directional swipes.

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HYPanViewController screenshot


The ViewController that recreates the vvebo app Animation. The Awesome way to delete tableView Cell or present New ViewController.

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SwiperView screenshot


Swiper View is a class that provides simple and easy-to-use swipable view. Swiper View is a UIDynamics-based UIView subclass that provides multiple layers of UIViews with different visual effects. Swiper View consists of: - The view itself - Content view to which UIVisualEffects are applied - Topmost view (which is a content view) to which readable UI elements should be added - UIDynamicsAnimator that handles: * UICollisionBehavior that restricts movement of the content view * UIDynamicItemBehavior that restricts rotation of the content view * UISnapBehavior that attaches center of the content view with base view - UIPanGestureRecognizer that reacts on user interaction - UILabels for: * Left item * Right item * Text on topmost item

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BFDragGestureRecognizer screenshot


A UIGestureRecognizer subclass that can be used to drag views inside a scroll view with automatic scrolling at the edges of the scroll view.

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HPTextViewTapGestureRecognizer screenshot


A gesture recognizer that detects taps on links and text attachments in UITextView.

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AHKNavigationController screenshot


A `UINavigationController` subclass that re-enables the interactive pop gesture recognizer when the navigation bar is hidden or a custom back button is used. It's described in detail in the blog post:

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Secret Text View screenshot

Secret Text View

Re-creation of the awesome text view from the app Secret ( Video: Features: - Take a photo or choose one from camera roll as background. Pan left/right/up/down to vary the blurriness and brightness of the background. - Scroll horizontally to choose between 8 types of background colors (Emerald Sea, Hopscotch, Lavender, Burst, Cupid, Peony, Midnight, White). - Long Press to choose color from a compressed palette. Swipe vertically to choose between 6 types of textures (Glow, Linen, Lines, Noise, Squares, Squares2) - Text will attempt to align to the center vertically and horiztonally. Repo: Development notes:

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