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XPCollectionViewCellsSort screenshot


You can reorder a cell from one indexPath to another in collectionview

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RAReorderableLayout screenshot


A UICollectionView layout which you can move items with drag and drop.

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ReorderableGridView (Swift) screenshot

ReorderableGridView (Swift)

Reorderable grid view solution implemented with Swift. It's a UIScrollView subclass, not a collection view layout.

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RACollectionViewReorderableTripletLayout screenshot


The custom collectionView layout that can perform reordering of cells by dragging it. __pod 'RACollectionViewReorderableTripletLayout'__

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KEYPullDownMenu screenshot


A pull down menu, similar to notification center on iOS that supports an unlimited number of items. Items can either be selected, deleted or reordered. The control is aimed at providing context for...

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HPReorderTableView screenshot


A drop-in UITableView replacement to reorder cells with long press on any part of the cell.

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LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout screenshot


Extends UICollectionViewFlowLayout to support reordering of cells. Similar to long press and pan on books in iBook. The goal of LXReorderableCollectionViewFlowLayout is to provides capability fo...

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ReorderTableViewController screenshot


Add drag and drop reordering to a UITableView.

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