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UICollectionViewLayout Collection screenshot

UICollectionViewLayout Collection

This is a UICollectionViewLayout Collection that reproduce famous layouts, actually you can find: - SafariLayout: A Layout that reproduce the Safari iPhone tabs Experience - StoriesLayout: A Lay...

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AZSafariCollectionViewLayout screenshot


AZSafariCollectionViewLayout is replica of safari browser history page layout. very easy to use, IBInspectable are given for easy integration

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PATabbarView screenshot


PATabbarView is like Safari tabbar. You can add a PATabbarPushedView into a PATabbarVew with sliding animation.

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GRStatusBar screenshot


Safari-like status bar for macOS apps

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KYNavigationProgress screenshot


Simple extension of UINavigationController to display progress on the UINavigationBar.

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SCSafariPageController screenshot


A page view controller component that reproduces Mobile Safari's tab switching behavior

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JSQActivityKit screenshot


Swift UIActivities for iOS

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BLKFlexibleHeightBar screenshot


BLKFlexibleHeightBar allows you to create header bars with flexible heights. Often, this sort of UI paradigm is used to hide chrome and make room for more content as a user is scrolling. This is se...

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JGStackCollectionView screenshot


A iOS safari like stack view made using UICollectionView.

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DZNWebViewController 3.0 screenshot

DZNWebViewController 3.0

An iPhone/iPad mini WebKit browser controller with navigation controls and contextual features, useful for in-app web browsing. Built to be subclassed and extended.

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AFSwipeToHide screenshot


Hide your toolbars with a swipe. Just like Safari for iOS.

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TOBrowserActivityKit screenshot


A set of UIActivity subclasses for opening NSURL objects in Chrome or Safari.

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IPSqueezableViewController screenshot


Offers a shrinking effect for the navigation bar like the one in for iOS.

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ABFullScrollViewController screenshot


Custom ViewController to hide the toolbar when user makes scroll. Like Facebook, Safari, Twitter...

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ARSafariActivity screenshot


A UIActivity subclass that opens URLs in Safari

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APAutocompleteTextField screenshot


Autocomplete text field. It works like Safari (iOS) or Chrome (iOS) search / address bar.

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iOS 7 Sampler screenshot

iOS 7 Sampler

Code examples for the new features of iOS 7. Contents: - Dynamic Behaviors - Speech Synthesis - Custom Transition - 3D Map - iBeacon - 120fps Video Recording - Smile Detection - Image ...

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SGNavigationProgress screenshot


A category for showing a Safari-like progress view on a UINavigationBar

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QMBTabs screenshot


Tab View Controller just like Safari or mobile Chrome

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PBWebViewController screenshot


PBWebViewController is a light-weight, simple and customizable web browser component for iOS. It's just 2 source files, image-free, around 200 lines of code and has been built with modern Cocoa dev...

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DVSlideViewController screenshot


DVSlideViewController is an view controller, witch allows you to slide view controllers in- and offscreen with a swipe of your finger.

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SGTabs screenshot


SGTabsViewController is a container view controller which shows tabs for each view like mobile safari does. This controls looks best on an iPad sized screen - You can add and remove tabs dyna...

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DHHighlightedWebView screenshot


Drop-in WebView subclass that adds Safari-style in-page search-result highlighting.

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PSMTabBarControl screenshot


This my fork of PSMTabBarControl. It was originally created by, then updated at

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TDSemiModal screenshot


Semi-modal view & DatePicker for IOS.

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