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LLDebugTool - A convenient debugging tool screenshot

LLDebugTool - A convenient debugging tool

LLDebugTool is a debugging tool for developers and testers that can help you analyze and manipulate data in non-xcode situations.

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Ease screenshot


Ease is a event driven animation system that combines the observer pattern with custom spring animations as observers.

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Observable screenshot


Observable is the easiest way to observe values in Swift.

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ISParseBind screenshot


Setup your class structure in Xcode Interface Builder and save() in Parse Server.

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iOS-Webservice screenshot


Simple way to communicate with API server (web service calling architecture) through less code. Easy to implement web service request and response for API communication architecture, no more third party tool required. - NSURLSessionDataTask with NSBlockOperation - NSOperationQueue - Block structure for request and response handling - No any third party library - Reachability integrated for each web service request (observer) - Cookie handling for requests - Custom Header parameters for web service's request - Web service call stack maintain in Array to cache all request and response with parameters, -- you can change your desired limit to cache total request and response. JSON sample API is integrated in with this demo.

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DelegateProxy screenshot


Proxy for receive delegate events more practically

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GDUnixSocket screenshot


Unix domain sockets are designed specifically for local interprocess communication. GDUnixSocket framework is an Objective-C object-oriented wrapper around unix sockets which allows you to abstract away from file descriptors and system calls. You can also use it for communication between any entities within one process.

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StaticLib screenshot


Swift Static library for application.

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YALField screenshot


Custom Field component with validation for creating easier form-like UI from interface builder.

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PIMultiObserver screenshot


PIMultiObserver is a framework for combining multiple key-value observations, and calling a single notification callback with the result of the combined observations.

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SSIDObserver screenshot


iOS Wi-Fi network SSID observer.

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JSQNotificationObserverKit screenshot


Generic notifications and observers for iOS

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LRNotificationObserver screenshot


A smarter, simpler and better way to use NSNotificationCenter with RAII

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NSObject+CLFNotificationObserver screenshot


A category on NSObject for creating NSNotification observers that handle the weakSelf/strongSelf dance for you.

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ARWebServerActivity screenshot


A UIActivity subclass that share files via GCDWebServer with Twitter Bootstrap UI.

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ESCObservable screenshot


An iOS eventing framework (alternative to using NSNotificationCenter or delegates for eventing). Includes an example HSB color picker app (as seen in screenshot) showing how to make use of the framework in application code and unit tests.

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MGBox2  screenshot


Simple, quick iOS tables, grids, and more. Designed for rapid table and grid creation with minimal code, using blocks based design patterns. The layout engine supports padding, margins, zIndex, fixed positions, and more. Also includes blocks based gesture recognisers, observers, control events, and custom events.

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