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MockImagePicker screenshot


Mock UIImagePickerController for testing camera based UI in simulator

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3D Touch Support for the simulator screenshot

3D Touch Support for the simulator

3D Touch Peek/Pop support for the Simulator for debugging purposes.

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Apple Watch Simulateur screenshot

Apple Watch Simulateur

English I create this project to let you create and test your prototype for Apple Watch. It can be run on iPhone and iPad. Français Je crée ce projet pour vous permettre de créer et de tester votre prototype pour Apple Watch. Il peut être exécuté sur iPhone et iPad. 日本語 私はこのプロジェクトを、アップルウォッチ用プロトタイプの作成、及びテストのために開発しました。 iphone及びiPad にて動作します。

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SimulatorManager screenshot


Simple Mac Application to perform quick access iOS Simulator Application data

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NBUImagePicker screenshot


Modular and fully customizable UIImagePickerController replacement with Simulator-compatible AVFoundation camera, AssetsLibrary and custom directory assets' browser, and image cropping, filters and gallery.

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SimulatorRemoteNotifications screenshot


SimulatorRemoteNotifications is an iOS library to send (fake) remote notifications to the iOS simulator.

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