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inshorts-view screenshot


September 14, 2019 • Unspecified License
UICollectionView for implementing vertical swipe up-done for next/previous cards, like News Inshorts application.
OTSortButton screenshot


September 16, 2017 • MIT License
OTSortButton is a UIButton library useful for sorting.
XPCollectionViewCellsSort screenshot


March 05, 2017 • MIT License
You can reorder a cell from one indexPath to another in collectionview
Xcode 8 headers (imports) sorting tool screenshot

Xcode 8 headers (imports) sorting tool

September 24, 2016 • MIT License
Xcode shortcut to sort #imports. Support Xcode 8
PBDataTableView screenshot


July 14, 2016 • MIT License
DataTable for iPhone and iPad
BJTableCeption screenshot


March 13, 2014 • MIT License
Create categories for UITableView Sections to better organize your rows. It's like a table inside of a table.
IQDatabaseManager screenshot


February 16, 2014 • MIT License
IQDatabaseManager contains CoreData helper classes with convenience methods to communicate with CoreData for performing common tasks (inserting+updating+deleting+sorting+searching) on database reco...
MELSorting screenshot


August 13, 2013 • MIT License
Sort UIViews. Useful for games, pickers, settings, and menus.
GMGridView screenshot


November 24, 2011 • MIT License
An iOS Grid-View allowing the user to sort the views in the scrollView and also to see the views in fullsize by pinching them. This view is inspired by the UITableView and uses a datasource and d...