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TSTabView & TSNavigationStripView screenshot

TSTabView & TSNavigationStripView

TSTabView UI component that allows to flip left and right through pages of data. TSTabView can manage set of UIView or UIViewController objects. TSNavigationStripView control is used to display available pages titles/tabs and navigate between them. Custom TSNavigationStripView entity should be provided to TSTabView during initialisation. Video demo Some features are listed below: - Navigates through set of UIView or UIViewController objects. - Support far jumps between pages. - Tabs list in TSNavigationStripView support different types of layout and alignment, including: alignment to left side, alignment to right side, autofill available space, central alignment (which imitate behaviour of ViewPager component on Android). - Tabs list in TSNavigationStripView can be scrollable. - TSNavigationStripView can display additional menu items on left or right sides. - TSNavigationStripView provide great flexibility for appearance customisation. - All view transitions are down with smooth animations. The easiest way to integrate component is using CocoaPods. Just add this to your Podfile: ``` pod 'TSUIKit', '~> 0.1' ```

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HHTabListController - Vertical tab view controller screenshot

HHTabListController - Vertical tab view controller

HHTabListController is an implementation of a tab controller where tabs are listed in a table view hidden behind the active view controller. The list of tabs may be revealed using a swipe gesture or by touching a button. Visually the implementation is similar to the sliding menu or navigation bar seen in many iOS applications. To my knowledge the idea was pioneered by the Facebook app. The HHTabListController implementation was written for the ACTPrinter 4.0 application. The code presented here is identical to the one used in the shipped product.

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SPGroupedTabView screenshot


SPGroupedTabView is a two-tiered or grouped tab view suitable for providing access to a wide variety of information in a limited space. It can be employed when the user needs to view or interact with only a portion of that information at a time.

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