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TableviewPaginator screenshot


While paginating in UITableView, several things required to do manually, when doing this task for each and every view controller, code duplicity and effort is high priority issue. To resolve this use TableviewPaginator, which helps to paginate data to feed into UITableView. It also provide flow for necessary UI i.e showing a loading cell while end of the tableview reached and meanwhile allow reload the whole tableview using a refresh control.

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ContactHelperSwift3 screenshot


ContactHelperSwift3 contains Fetch, Delete, Add and Update Contact Functionality

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UIEmptyState screenshot


An empty state control to give visually appealing context when building iOS applications.

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SZLoadingTableViewController screenshot


A subclass on UITableViewController that provides a center loading and scroll bottom to load more data.

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LoadMoreTableViewController screenshot


LoadMoreTableViewController is a TableViewController that helps you to show some data like fetched from a web API successively.

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AccordionTableViewController screenshot


Swift version of

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SKStatefulTableViewController screenshot


UITableviewController subclass that supports pull-to-refresh, load-more, initial-load, and empty states.

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RBStatefulTableViewController screenshot


An UITableViewController that allows you to change between multiple states (i.e. Loading, Empty, Populated) and have your tableview animate the data changes.

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APDynamicHeaderTableViewController screenshot


A simple table view controller with a header view made as a recreation of the Instagram header written in Swift. It's a very simple control that I whipped up in a few days and the header is simply a UIView so you can tweak it, add images, or even make it a tableview. I loved the way the Instagram header was so simple and how it collapsed and expanded when you scrolled so I made a simple clone of it.

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RLDTableViewSwift screenshot


Reusable table view controller, data source and delegate for all your UITableView needs in Swift

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RLDTableViewSuite screenshot


Reusable table view controller, data source and delegate for all your UITableView needs

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JTTableViewController screenshot


A ViewController for manage pagination and loaders for iOS.

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ContentTableViewController screenshot


Super simple way to present content. A template table view that can take several kinds of objects and present them on-the-fly with one line of code. Customization of the view controller can be done as expected, customization of the table view can be done by accessing contentController.tableView, and customization of the cells can be done through a few ContentTableViewController options.

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Organic screenshot


The intuitive UITableViewController. A UITableViewController subclass designed with efficiency and maintenance in mind, and tries its best to handle just about everything for you. No more if-statements and switches in every table view dataSource and delegate method. No more splitting up all the logic for each row and section into a dozen different methods, making addition, removal, or minor alterations to format and layout a headache. We feel your pain, we know the struggle. Moving one section of cells below another, moving cells between sections, adding new cells to existing sections, etc., with a decently-complex table view can be a nightmare, but with Organic it's as simple as changing the order of objects in an array. Organic allows you to define the sections and which cells they contain all-at-once, and takes care of the rest of the housekeeping for you.

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PTEHorizontalTableView screenshot


Horizontal UITableView inspired by EasyTableView

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AMBTableViewController screenshot


Storyboard and Prototype Cells-centric block-based UITableView controller to manage complex layouts.

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MAActionCell screenshot


MAActionCell is intended to be used with the MATableViewSection object to hugely simplify and consolidate all of the logic surrounding creating static UITableViews and handling the data source and delegate logic. No more if-statements or switches in every delegate/data source function determining which section has which title/header/height and which row is going to be associated with which cell/action.

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UITableViewController-Containment-Demo screenshot


This is a sample project showing how to contain a UITableViewController in another VC with a Search Bar + Display Controller working as if it were all in a UITableViewController.

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KMAccordionTableViewController screenshot


Accordion UITableViewController component based on Apples's example.

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DKPaginatedTableViewController screenshot


Paginated Table View Controller - controller for pagination data in UITableViewController. You need just to inherit your table view controller from DKPaginatedTableViewController. Please review Project with Example.

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JZRefreshControl screenshot


JZRefreshControl is an easily extendable class that makes it dead simple to create a custom refresh control that will have your users so engaged they'll be opening your app and pulling to refresh night and day.

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