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camerakit-ios screenshot


Library for iOS Camera API. Massively increase performance and ease of use within your next iOS Project.

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WeScan screenshot


Document Scanning Made Easy for iOS

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MockImagePicker screenshot


Mock UIImagePickerController for testing camera based UI in simulator

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ZHMaskCamera screenshot


ZHMaskCamera is a camera that takes UIImage (masking image), takes a photo but it gives you a masked picture from captured photo.

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OpalImagePicker screenshot


Multiple Selection Image Picker for iOS written in Swift

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AAImagePicker screenshot


AAImagePicker is a simple & easy-to-use image picker designed to present both camera and photo library options and get the UIImage easily.

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YangMingShan screenshot


YangMingShan is a collection of iOS UI components that we created while building Yahoo apps.

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RxMediaPicker screenshot


A reactive wrapper built around UIImagePickerController.

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Fusuma screenshot


Fusuma is a Swift library that provides an Instagram-like photo browser with a few line of code.

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YRImagePicker screenshot


YRImagePicker is a simple wrapper around default UIKit image picker.

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iImagePickerController screenshot


Customized image picker with custom bar button and capture button

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CustomImagePicker screenshot


1. An integrated Image Picker for iPhone like the one used in FB or twitter. 2. All the images in your Camera Roll is shown as cells in a collection view. You can choose to select fixed number of Photos. As you reach max number of photos the rest gets grayed out. 3. The live Camera is shown as the first cell. So when you open the control, the first cell actually shows a live view from the back camera. 4. Read more about the control at

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JSImagePickerViewController screenshot


A photo/image picker controller that resembles the style of the image picker in iOS 8's messages app.

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CRMediaPickerController screenshot


An easy-to-use UIImagePickerController replacement for picking Images and Videos.

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RPMultipleImagePicker screenshot


iOS multiple image picker from camera using UIImagePickerController (whatsapp like).

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CombinationPickerController screenshot


CombinationPickerController is image picker use uicollection view. can select only one image can custom you camera else use default support only portrait competitive with iOS 7.0

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PKImagePicker screenshot


Replacement for UIIMagePickerController, easy to switch between album and camera and its inbuilt into the control

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BSImagePicker screenshot


BSImagePicker is a multiple image picker for iOS 8

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TSAssetsPickerController screenshot


Highly customizable control used to select multiple assets (saved photos and videos) for use in your app. It works as *UIImagePickerController*, allows to browse all albums, select multiple assets and this control is highly customizable (read github documentation linked at the bottom). Control returns ALAsset objects which are easy to deal with. It also can filter assets by type and sizes. **Available on CocoaPods** --- `pod 'TSAssetsPickerController', '~> 1.2'` **Video demo** --- [Demo of TSAssetsPickerController]( **Licenses** [Apache 2.0 licence]( **Features**: --- - Browse all albums - Set filters (photos, videos, all), can filter size of asset - Supports all orientations - Supports iOS6, iOS7 - Supports iPhone, iPad - allow to select multiple assets from one album - customizable order of albums and assets, - Picker has plenty of properties to customize - Easy to apply in your project - Easy to customize You can find more informations on [project's github page](

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CTAssetsPickerController screenshot


CTAssetsPickerController is an iOS controller that allows picking multiple photos and videos from user's photo library. The usage and look-and-feel are just similar to UIImagePickerController. It uses ARC and requires Photos framework.

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NBUKit screenshot


Customizable camera, assets, image editing, gallery, picker and UIKit subclasses

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