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MVYSideMenu screenshot


August 04, 2013 • Custom License
iOS Side Menu based on Google+ iPhone app.
MDRadialProgress screenshot


April 10, 2013 • Custom License
A custom UIView useful to represent progress in discrete steps. Current version 1.3.2. It has the following features: * Draw progress in separated slices or as a single arc. * Can customi...
SwipeView screenshot


March 27, 2013 • Custom License
SwipeView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of horizontal, paged scrolling views on iOS. It is based on a UIScrollView, but adds convenient functionality such as a UITableView-styl...
NMPaginator screenshot


March 06, 2013 • Custom License
NMPaginator is a simple Objective-C class that handles pagination for you. It makes it easy to display results from API webservices that take page and per_page parameters.
Glossy Buttons screenshot

Glossy Buttons

February 23, 2013 • Custom License
Create glossy buttons without images.
ABCalendarPicker screenshot


February 23, 2013 • Custom License
Fully configurable iOS calendar UI component with multiple layouts and smooth animations.
DMWebBrowserViewController screenshot


February 14, 2013 • Custom License
A simple web browser view controller instantiated with view blocks.
SYEmojiPopover screenshot


January 24, 2013 • Custom License
Popover view to select emoji character from iOS 5+ possible characters. iOS 5+, ARC. It consists in two classes. SYEmojiCharacters generates a list of Emoji characters separated in sections, de...
TTSwitch screenshot


January 07, 2013 • Custom License
TTSwitch is a UISwitch replacement built with images. You can now fully customize its appearance to whatever you want. It also adds block support when the switch value is changed. You can globally ...
YIFullScreenScroll screenshot


September 09, 2012 • Custom License
Pinterest-like scroll-to-fullscreen UI for iOS
MPFlipViewController screenshot


August 19, 2012 • Custom License
A custom container view controller following the iOS 5 containment API that navigates between child view controllers via touch gestures and page-flip animations.
JCGridMenu screenshot


August 09, 2012 • Custom License
This is a simple IOS control that works as a 44x44px menu using rows and columns to show and hide options. It's not big but it is clever...
GPUImage screenshot


July 29, 2012 • Custom License
It's a framework that filters still images and video using openGL 2.0 filters. Similar to the XBImageFilters. There are already a ton of filters written for GPUImage including edge detection, lot...
QBKOverlayMenuView screenshot


July 01, 2012 • Custom License
A slide-out menu similar to the one used in Sparrow on iOS.
CERoundProgressView screenshot


June 17, 2012 • Custom License
A progress view which shows its progress a pie-chart.
MPFoldTransition screenshot


May 16, 2012 • Custom License
Easily add custom folding transitions to UIViews and UIViewControllers.
TYIndeterminateProgressBar screenshot


May 13, 2012 • Custom License
An Oink-like indeterminate progress bar.
Geocoder screenshot


April 29, 2012 • Custom License
A view controller which allows the user to either long press a map and get back an address, or enter text into a search bar to put a pin on a map. That functionality isn't the most useful thing ...
FMMoveTableView screenshot


April 02, 2012 • Custom License
An iOS UITableView subclass that allows you to move rows without being in edit mode simply by tapping and holding the appropriate row.
Rotating Wheel Control screenshot

Rotating Wheel Control

March 04, 2012 • Custom License
Companion project for the tutorial: "How To Create a Rotating Wheel Control with UIKit " published here http://www.raywenderlich.com/9864/how-to-create-a-rotating-wheel-control-with-uikit