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TDRatingScale screenshot


March 08, 2013 • Public Domain License
The TDRatingScale is similar to regular UISlider except that it has some best custom graphics which is more intuitive.The purpose of this custom slider is to provide mechanism for getting input fro...
TB_CircularSlider screenshot


March 02, 2013 • Public Domain License
This is a circular slider to select a value from 0 to 360. The control is a subclass of UIControl and it is drawn using Core Graphics. I built this slider for a tutorial about building custom c...
TDResizerView screenshot


January 25, 2013 • Public Domain License
TDResizerView is used to resize and rotate an imageview with single finger.
Two Finger Swipe WebView screenshot

Two Finger Swipe WebView

January 09, 2013 • Public Domain License
Two-finger (trackpad) or one-finger (Magic Mouse) support for back/forward in a WebView.
HMDiallingCode screenshot


December 12, 2012 • Public Domain License
HMDiallingCode gets the dialling code of the user's current location. It uses CoreLocation and reverse geocoding to determine the country of the user, then retrieve it's international dialling code...
IZValueSelector screenshot


November 10, 2012 • Public Domain License
A simple selector inspired by UIPickerView but based on UITableView ... Update : I just added some support for horizontal scrolling as well (Still using UITableView for that)
VCRadioButton screenshot


October 21, 2012 • Public Domain License
Radio Button alternative for iOS. No images required and fully customizable.
MasterDetailController  screenshot


September 05, 2012 • Public Domain License
A master detail controller that works like the facebook sliding menu/view You need to provide a master controller and detail controller. These controllers should subclass UIViewController and pr...
OLGhostAlertView screenshot


September 01, 2012 • Public Domain License
OLGhostAlertView allows you to present a translucent view with a title and an optional message on the bottom of the screen. Use it to inform your user about temporary issues that do not require any...
HTML Text Editor screenshot

HTML Text Editor

August 26, 2012 • Public Domain License
A very simple implementation that uses CKEditor in web view to edit rich text content and generate HTML for further use.
DWTagList screenshot


August 07, 2012 • Public Domain License
Create a list of tags from an NSArray to be shown in a view with customizable fonts, colors, and other properties.
Waveform Audio Player screenshot

Waveform Audio Player

July 28, 2012 • Public Domain License
This is a small cocoa control, which displays the waveform of the actually played audio file. It loads all the AVFoundation.framework supported formats.
InspectorTabBar screenshot


June 03, 2012 • Public Domain License
Tab bar like in the Xcode inspector
Adjustable Label Category screenshot

Adjustable Label Category

April 30, 2012 • Public Domain License
Adjusting the size of a UILabel is a pain in the back. This category provides a couple of simple methods to make this process less painful. You can "auto adjust" a label provided a minimum size,...
MOOPullGesture screenshot


April 19, 2012 • Public Domain License
Clean, versatile pull gesture for iOS perfectionists. Comes with pull-to-create and pull-to-refresh.
MOOMaskedIconView screenshot


March 01, 2012 • Public Domain License
Draw scalable icons of different styles with a single PDF or image. If you're sick of maintaining tons of image files for @2x displays, different colors, or highlighted/unhighlighted states, this i...
FadingTextView screenshot


February 15, 2012 • Public Domain License
A simple device for creating a fade effect at the bottom and top of a text view. Also included in the project is FadingContentScrollView which is a scroll view that you supply a content view to and...
PageViewController screenshot


February 15, 2012 • Public Domain License
PageViewController implements a container UIViewControler, controlling the navigation between child UIViewController with UIPageControl.
FaceWrapper-iphone screenshot


December 03, 2011 • Public Domain License
Wrapper class to detect faces from http://face.com, you will need an API key and API Secret which you can get in developer.face.com. This controller implements a custom object called FWObject wh...
MultiContactsSelector screenshot


November 01, 2011 • Public Domain License
A fully customisable control to select telephone (but you can use it to select another data) as whatsapp application, it supports multiselection. Supports English and Spanish. Easy to use and cu...