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CWPopup screenshot


August 30, 2013 • MIT License
CWPopup adds a category on UIViewController to present a popup view controller. It offers an animated and non-animated presentation of the popup, similarly to presenting a modal controller or pushi...
ThatPDF screenshot


August 29, 2013 • MIT License
ThatPDF is an open source application for reading and annotating pdfs. It's a good example on how to: * read PDFs * annotate PDFs * sign PDFs * integrate the Ink Mobile Framework
ThatPhoto screenshot


August 29, 2013 • MIT License
ThatPhoto is an app that lets you view and edit your photos. It's a fully open source app. It's a great example for how to: * integrate Aviary * get photos from the gallery * present photos...
ThatCloud screenshot


August 29, 2013 • MIT License
ThatCloud is an open-source iOS application that allows you to access, view, and work with all of the content you have online. It's a good example on how to use: * AFNetworking with complex a...
ThatInbox screenshot


August 29, 2013 • MIT License
ThatInbox is simple, elegant, and free new way to do your email on an iPad. It's completely free and open source. It's a full app that is an example on how to do: * sending emails * receivin...
PPiAwesomeButton screenshot


August 28, 2013 • MIT License
UIButton category with Flat Design and extra methods to set Title+Icon FontAwesome font
TJLButtonView screenshot


August 28, 2013 • MIT License
A view with buttons arranged in a circle pattern that animate out from the center.
RDVKeyboardAvoiding screenshot


August 27, 2013 • MIT License
Keyboard avoiding scroll view for iOS
RDVTabBarController screenshot


August 27, 2013 • MIT License
Highly customizable tab bar and tab bar controller for iOS. * Supports iPad and iPhone * Supports landscape and portrait orientations * Can be used inside UINavigationController * Customizabl...
DDIndicator screenshot


August 27, 2013 • MIT License
Full reimplementation of UIActivityIndicatorView allowing easy UI changes. In this version it will change between 4 different colors.
PullDownMenu screenshot


August 26, 2013 • MIT License
A pulldown menu designed for all iOS devices, it supports both navigation controllers and views, users can either pull it down or activate by tapping a button.
UIView+AutoLayout screenshot


August 26, 2013 • MIT License
`NOTE:` UIView+AutoLayout has been deprecated in favor of `PureLayout`, which includes OS X support! https://github.com/smileyborg/PureLayout The ultimate API for iOS Auto Layout -- impressively...
RSCategories screenshot


August 26, 2013 • MIT License
Inclues a few essential categories for iOS Developers. There are helper methods for NSDate, NSString, NSUserDefaults, UIColor and UIImage. UIImage has a working implementation of Loading GIF for...
WYPopoverController screenshot


August 26, 2013 • MIT License
Presentation of content in popover on iPhone / iPad devices. Very customizable.
SHUIKitBlocks screenshot


August 25, 2013 • MIT License
Prefixed Blocks for UIKit on categories _without_ libffi and swizzling Contains: * SHAlertViewBlocks => UIAlertView * SHControlBlocks => UIControl ...
MBFormCoordinator screenshot


August 25, 2013 • MIT License
Easily chain, bind, and validate text fields.
FDLabelView screenshot


August 25, 2013 • Unspecified License
A label view that adds justified text support, plus automatic frame adjustment, scalable line height, padding, and more.
GBPathImageView screenshot


August 25, 2013 • MIT License
With this class, you can get images in the circles or squares with the border.
JCAppleScript screenshot


August 24, 2013 • MIT License
A simple, helpful library for using your Objective-C variables within a bundled AppleScript or OSAScript. Apple provides NSAppleScript and OSAKit for executing AppleScript in Cocoa, but there is...
MotionGestureRecognizers screenshot


August 24, 2013 • BSD License
MotionGestures is a simple, multi-platform gesture recognition library for Leap Motion that mimics the UIGestureRecognizer classes of iOS. Build powerful, gesture driven OS X apps with this simple ...