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iOSValidator screenshot


September 11, 2013 • Apache 2.0 License
UITextField Validator for iOS is a rule based validation framework.
BCSliderView screenshot


September 10, 2013 • Apache 2.0 License
Animatable Slider View for iOS
OpenWatch screenshot


September 10, 2013 • GPL License
A next generation OpenWatch client for iOS devices. OpenWatch is a global citizen journalism project with the goal of building a more transparent and less corrupt society. This app will allow...
ChatSecure screenshot


September 09, 2013 • GPL License
ChatSecure is a simple multiprotocol IM client for iOS that supports encrypted "Off-the-Record" messaging using Cypherpunks' libotr
nvgallery screenshot


September 09, 2013 • MIT License
A simple sample for building Flickr-style galleries.
EGYWebViewController screenshot


September 07, 2013 • MIT License
In-app browser for iOS apps with UIActivity support. EGYWebViewController features: * iPhone- and iPad-specific UIs * full landscape orientation support * back, forward, stop/refresh and ac...
PieChart screenshot


September 07, 2013 • MIT License
Simple and elegant pie chart for iOS applications
MapBox screenshot


September 06, 2013 • BSD License
An open source alternative to MapKit.
JNJProgressButton screenshot


September 06, 2013 • MIT License
Display the progress of a task inline on the button that launches the action. Inspired by Apple.
AKSVideoAndImagePicker screenshot


September 06, 2013 • Unspecified License
block based image/video picker with automatic optimisation of video and image for network use.
CustomDatePickerView screenshot


September 06, 2013 • MIT License
Custom date picker controller created like alternative for standard control DatePickerView. Custom date picker view based on table view and scroll view. Size can be changed and background pictures....
IBActionSheet screenshot


September 05, 2013 • MIT License
Fully customizable iOS 7 style UIActionSheet Replacement. Allows for customization of the entire action sheet or for individual buttons/Title. Supports iPhone and iPad, iOS 5, 6, and 7.
ICViewPager screenshot


September 05, 2013 • MIT License
A tab view that mimics ActionBarSherlock's FragmentsTabsPager and Google Play app's tab management.
RichTextEditor screenshot


September 04, 2013 • MIT License
A RichTextEditor for iPhone & iPad. Features: * Bold * Italic * Underline * StrikeThrough * Font * Font size * Text background color * Text foregroud color * Text alignment * Paragra...
RNFrostedMenu screenshot


September 04, 2013 • MIT License
Add your own Control Center-esque UI to your app to work as navigation or even toggle different settings. Blend right into the new iOS 7 design with animated blurs, flat design, and custom animations.
JSCustomBadge screenshot


September 04, 2013 • MIT License
A simple iOS badge drawn with CoreGraphics
IQKeyboardManager screenshot


September 02, 2013 • MIT License
IQKeyboardManager is a drop-in universal library which allows you to prevent issues of the keyboard sliding up and covering UITextField/UITextView without needing you to writing any code and much m...
ACPScrollMenu screenshot


September 02, 2013 • MIT License
Scrollable menu easy to integrate and fully customizable
RMStore screenshot


September 01, 2013 • Apache 2.0 License
A lightweight iOS framework for In-App Purchases. RMStore adds blocks and notifications to StoreKit, plus receipt verification and purchase management. All in one class without external depende...
TJLBarButtonMenu screenshot


September 01, 2013 • MIT License
A simple 3 button menu with a nice presentation and dismissal animation that is meant to be launched from a bar button item.