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JMWhenTapped screenshot


Easily assign touch down, touch up, and tapped actions to UIViews using blocks.

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Accordion screenshot


Tired of UINavigationController? Accordion might be an alternative!. Accordion is a small library for iOS that implements file navigation using accordions.

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TreeMapKit screenshot


A treemap implementation for Cocoa Touch. You can display treemaps in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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GIKAnimatedCallout screenshot


GIKAnimatedCallout demonstrates the use of an MKAnnotationView subclass to provide functionality similar to the callouts in Maps.app on iPad.

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TDSemiModal screenshot


Semi-modal view & DatePicker for IOS.

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BCStatusItem screenshot


A view and NSStatusItem category to let you easily expand the functionality of NSStatusItem. One issue with NSStatusItem is getting it's location/frame on the screen. You can do this if it has a cu...

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GCJumpBar screenshot


NSControl subclass that mimics the Xcode 4 Jump Bar.

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WToast screenshot


Info messages for iOS inspired by Android Toast object.

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ZBGridController screenshot


A grid view with support for zooming, flipping animated-in view controllers.

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Stackcordion screenshot


Mimics the UI of Twitter for iPad.

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ANColorPicker screenshot


Use this simple colour picker to get colors that a user picks. The color picker must be a certain size, and requires several images files in the bundle's package contents.

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MAWeekView screenshot


A weekly view for viewing events, displays a whole week. Navigation using the arrows on the top of the view or using the swipe gesture.

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MADayView screenshot


MADayView is a daily view for displaying events.

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CHViewControllerSwitcher screenshot


A replacement for UITabBarController, with useful features. It allows you to create your own selection interface with UI-components. It allows you to use just some part of the window, not the full-...

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ELCSlider screenshot


A subclass of UISlider to use with iPad that includes a UIPopover Scrubber showing the value as it changes.

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ZPopoverController screenshot


Easy way to handle UIPopoverController, UIActionSheet and UIAlertView for iOS.

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RadioButton screenshot


A native radio button implementation for iOS.

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Custom callout screenshot

Custom callout

Custom callout on a map.

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JCSSheetController screenshot


A Cocoa controller class for Sheets that replaces the completion callback method with an inline block.

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CiExpandableTabBar screenshot


ExpandableTabBar is an iOS custom tab bar control. Its behavior emulates the system tab bar with the addition of supporting multiple rows.

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APSplitViewController screenshot


Custom UISplitViewController for iPad. Features: it always keeps both sides visible; it's always launched in the Portrait but it's rotated to any direction properly; each side contains UINavigation...

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TabBarKit screenshot


A flexible Tab Bar implementation for iPhone and iPad.

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StackScrollView screenshot


StackScrollView project is a demo app for creating view like twitter app for ipad, created by the mobile development team at raw engineering. It supports: Orientation (both Landscape & Portrait), S...

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JPButton screenshot


UIButton subclass that looks like a pushable keyboard button.

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SlidingTabs screenshot


Sliding tabs UI element for iPhone resembling the tabbing control used in Gowalla.

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