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VMDInstrumenter screenshot


November 09, 2013 • BSD License
A simple Objective-C singleton to instrument, trace, and suppress selectors at runtime. Sometimes you need to debug a 3rd party library but you don't have access to the source code, and sometimes y...
JYRadarChart screenshot


November 09, 2013 • MIT License
an iOS open source Radar Chart implementation
AKNumericFormatter screenshot


November 09, 2013 • MIT License
Formatter for numerical fields and UITextField category to use it easily while editing.
MZTimerLabel screenshot


November 09, 2013 • MIT License
MZTimerLabel is a UILabel subclass, which is a handy way to use UILabel as a countdown timer or stopwatch just like that in Apple Clock App with just 2 lines of code. MZTimerLabel also provides del...
NHBalancedFlowLayout screenshot


November 08, 2013 • MIT License
UICollectionViewLayout subclass for displaying items of different sizes in a grid without wasting any visual space. Inspired by: http://www.crispymtn.com/stories/the-algorithm-for-a-perfectly-balan...
ICTextView screenshot


November 08, 2013 • MIT License
ICTextView is a UITextView subclass with optimized support for string/regex search and highlighting. It also features some iOS 7 specific improvements and bugfixes to the standard UITextView.
PNChart screenshot


November 08, 2013 • MIT License
A simple and beautiful chart lib with animation used in Piner for iOS
YAJL-Entity screenshot


November 07, 2013 • Apache 2.0 License
A JSON framework that can deserialize the JSON string into real objects, with 0.1 configuration.
PKJSONSocket screenshot


November 07, 2013 • MIT License
PKJSONSocket aims to simplify network communications. It's a delightful wrapper around CocoaAsyncSocket, abstracting away complex data flow into an easy to use API. Instead of dealing with the bits...
HATransparentView screenshot


November 05, 2013 • MIT License
UIView transparent subclass based on Rdio stations menu.
JSVideoScrubber screenshot


November 05, 2013 • MIT License
A simple video scrubber that can be used drive navigation in video playback on iOS 7.
TTCounterLabel screenshot


November 05, 2013 • MIT License
A custom UILabel that acts as a time counter, counting up or down and formatting the string to hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Designed to accept a value in milliseconds that is then disp...
BloodMagic screenshot


November 02, 2013 • MIT License
Provides kind of custom property attributes. @interface ViewController : UIViewController <BMLazy> @property (nonatomic, strong) ProgressViewService *progressViewService...
iTunes-Table-Header screenshot


November 02, 2013 • MIT License
A collection of subclasses and classes to make any table view look like that in the iTunes program. Includes custom row alternating colors and highlight colors.
THProgressView screenshot


November 02, 2013 • MIT License
UIView subclass that mimics the progress bar of Twitter for iOS.
MRProgress screenshot


November 02, 2013 • MIT License
MRProgress is a collection of drop-in components that display a dimmed overlay with a blurred box view with different modes. Supports different interface orientations.
FDWaveformView screenshot


November 01, 2013 • MIT License
Reads an audio file and displays the waveform.
VectorMetaballs screenshot


November 01, 2013 • MIT License
An Objective-C implementation of vector based metaballs, original implementation by Hannu Kankaanpää. (http://www.niksula.hut.fi/~hkankaan/Homepages/index.html)
RoboReader screenshot


October 30, 2013 • MIT License
With a couple of lines of code you can create a PDF view controller. This framework is very fast and easy to use.
ALDClock screenshot


October 30, 2013 • BSD License
An interactive, and customisable, clock component for iOS projects