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CoreTextWrapper screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper around Core Text for creating multi-column text and loading custom fonts.

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VillainousStyle screenshot


A standalone Mac/iPhone port of the TTStyle and TTShape classes from the Three20 project.

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CopyableCell screenshot


CopyableCell class makes it easy to use a UITableViewCell with copy functionality. It’s a subclass of UITableViewCell class. Application code can interact with CopyableCell instances through the Co...

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HMGLTransitions screenshot


HMGLTransitions is set of classes which can animate transition between two UIViews, or presentation / dismissing of UIViewControllers.

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JMTabView screenshot


Dark-themed tab view rendered in Core Graphics (ie. no images need to be added to your project). Manages the layout of buttons and icons automatically. Tabs can be added simply by calling: [...

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HSImageSidebarView screenshot


A view based on the sidebar in Apple's Keynote app for iPad.

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LRSlidingTableViewCell screenshot


This is a simple implementation of the "swipe to reveal" behaviour found in Twitter and Spotify for iPhone. It uses modern iOS techniques (animations using blocks) and so requires iOS 4.0 or greater.

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BKTransition screenshot


Custom UIViewController Transitions

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MHLazyTableImages screenshot


Allows you to efficiently, and easily, download images for UITableViews with many rows.

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ExpandyButton screenshot


As seen in camera app on iOS

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PresetColorPicker screenshot


Preset color picker for iOS

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DCIntrospect screenshot


Introspect is small set of tools for iOS that aid in debugging user interfaces built with UIKit. It's especially useful for UI layouts that are dynamically created or can change during runtime, or ...

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LBProgressBar screenshot


This is a custom progress bar. Since it's a subclass of NSProgressIndicator it's very easy to use.

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TPKeyboardAvoiding screenshot


A drop-in universal solution for moving text fields out of the way of the keyboard in iOS.

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Dock-Like Animation screenshot

Dock-Like Animation

An animation for iOS resembling the OS X dock icon growth effect.

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YRKSpinningProgressIndicator screenshot


A clone of the "Spinning style" NSProgressIndicator that can be set to an arbitrary size and color. The background color can also be set, or it can be transparent. You can even change the color in ...

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TwitterFeed screenshot


Drop-in Twitter feed for iOS powered by MGTwitterEngine

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PMAboutView screenshot


PMAboutView is basically a RootViewController ready for editing it for making an about the dev view.

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Pie Menu screenshot

Pie Menu

A pie menu implementation specially designed for iPhone and iPod touch

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KSPopoverView screenshot


A pulldown menu UI for iOS.

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LBSegmentedButton screenshot


This is a button looking similar to the twitter buttons used in the twitter client for mac. It allows you to merge several buttons.

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DCFineTuneSlider screenshot


Drop in replacement for UISlider that adds fine tuning features and block support.

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BulbView screenshot


Cocoa/UIKit view to display text like light-up bulbs on a sports scoreboard.

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SVSegmentedControl screenshot


A UISwitch-like segmented control for your iOS app.

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JGMenuWindow screenshot


A NSWindow and NSTableView to simulate the appearence of a NSMenu.

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