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TAOverlay screenshot


TAOverlay is a minimalistic and simple overlay meant to display useful information to the user.

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TAXHeaderSheet screenshot


A spreadsheet view that have header/footer.

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UIXOverlayController screenshot


General purpose overlay. Covers view with mask and presents content of another controller.

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URBNShareKit screenshot


A subclass of UIActivityViewController which makes sharing content using the native iOS share sheet a breeze.

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VDSFlipAnimations screenshot


Flip animate any view by adding the VDSFlipAnimation Class to your project and call the animations in any view as extension. e.g.: profileImageView.flipLeft() profileImageView.flipRight() profileImageView.flipTop() profileImageView.flipBottom() profileImageView.flipCurlUp() profileImageView.flipCurlDown()

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WishlistAnimation screenshot


iOS App Store's "Add to Wish List" animation

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WZFlashButton screenshot


This is a custom button with flash-like effect. Inspired by Ripple Effect.

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ZoomableImageSlider screenshot


ZoomableImageSlider is a simple iOS library for showing images from internet in form of slider. It has following features- Images are zoomable by double tap and by panning the finger as well. Images are loaded from url (from internet). Shows the image index as well. Close the carousel by simply swiping down

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1w-flappy screenshot


Flappy Clone

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AAChartKit-Swift screenshot


An elegant and friendly chart library for iOS developer who use Swift. Powerful,support the column chart、bar chart、area chart、areaspline chart、line chart、spline chart、radar chart、polar chart、pie chart、bubble chart、pyramid chart、funnel chart、columnrange chart and other graphics.

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