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IDScrollableTabBar screenshot


Custom scrollable tab bar that highlights selected item like under magnifying glass. You can customize it as you wish! More information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBNHplkTSLQ http://blog.bananadev.pro http://bananadev.pro

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InfiniteCollectionView screenshot


Infinite horizontal scrolling using UICollectionView.

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InteractivePlayerView screenshot


Custom iOS music player view

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JBDatePicker screenshot


JBDatePicker is a UIView subclass that shows a month calendar in which the user can select a date. It's appearance is customizable and it is possible to preselect a date. For the complete API check out the readme on Github. JBDatePicker is written in Swift 3.

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JSWheelView screenshot


Wheel Control View

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KDLoadingView screenshot


A beautiful loading indicator. Written in Swift.

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KIPullToReveal screenshot


Combine a search result's `UITableView` with a `MKMapView`. Just setup the `KIPullToRevealViewController` as a `UITableViewController` with the known delegate methods. Set `pullToRevealDelegate` to your desired delegate class. If the "Search" button is pressed, your `pullToRevealDidSearchFor:` selector will be fired containing the user's search-text. Feel free to fork and use this controller, if you make any changes useful for others, please feel free to make a pull request.

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KPPopUpView screenshot


A highly customisable popup dialog controller.

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KSTokenView (Swift) screenshot

KSTokenView (Swift)

KSTokenView for iOS written in Swift, displays a collection of tokens in a an editable UITextField similar to NSTokenField, and sends messages to delegate object. It can be used to gather small amounts of text from user and perform search operation. User can choose multiple search results, which are displayed as token in UITextField.

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KTTextView screenshot


KTTextView derives from UITextView enhancing it with new features. The only new feature at the moment is the placeholderText property. The placeholderText property works the same as UITextField's placeholder property.

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