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BottomBar SwiftUI screenshot

BottomBar SwiftUI

BottomBar component for SwiftUI.

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NeuKit screenshot


A Neumorphic replacement of Apple UIKit. Turn your UI to neumorphic style.

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AnimatePolyline screenshot


The animate polyline like Uber for GoogleMaps

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SwiftyContextMenu screenshot


UIContextMenu backporting with Swifter API

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ContainerController screenshot


UI Component. This is a copy swipe-panel from app: https://www.apple.com/ios/maps/ Swift version

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PRGTipView screenshot


PRGTipView is a drop-in solution for adding onboarding tips to your apps.

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ExceptionCatcher screenshot


Catch Objective-C exceptions in Swift.

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RESegmentedControl screenshot


Customizable segmented control with style presets...

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OverlappingViewsSeparator screenshot


OverlappingViewsSeparator is a library for separate overlapping views.

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is-camera-on screenshot


Check if the built-in Mac camera is on.

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CustomButton screenshot


Customizable button for your macOS app.

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Percentage screenshot


A percentage type for Swift.

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macos-wallpaper screenshot


Manage the desktop wallpaper on macOS.

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Defaults screenshot


Strongly-typed UserDefaults with Codable support, key observation, and SwiftUI support.

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SwiftFortuneWheel screenshot


The ultimate spinning wheel that supports dynamic content and rich customization.

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LaunchAtLogin screenshot


Add "Launch at Login" functionality to your sandboxed macOS app in seconds.

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Preferences screenshot


Add a preferences window to your macOS app in minutes. The panes can be made with either SwiftUI, Storyboard, or NSView.

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DockProgress screenshot


Show progress in your app's Dock icon. Includes multiple styles.

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CircularProgress screenshot


Circular progress indicator for your macOS app.

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ImageActionSheet screenshot


iOS Native style action sheet with the option of showing icons. It is a complete implementation and does not use any private api of UIKit.

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FSPagerView screenshot


FSPagerView is an elegant Screen Slide Library. It is extremely helpful for making Banner View, Product Show, Welcome/Guide Pages, Screen/ViewController Sliders.

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TableCollectionManager screenshot


Lightweight generic library to build table and collection views in a declarative type-safe style

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swiftui-fieldvalidator screenshot


SwiftUI Package supporting "Form Validation" It uses the SwiftUI paradigm to add validation capabilities to TextField

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Crypto SHA256  screenshot

Crypto SHA256

Behind the abbreviation SHA 256 hides a function that forms the heart of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Bytecoin. This so-called hash function belongs to the SHA 2 function group...

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Expandable List screenshot

Expandable List

A Swift UI skeleton project that demonstrates an expanding and collapsing list

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