6514 open source UI components
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FilterCam screenshot


A video capture framework that can easily apply your custom filters.

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VBRRollingPit screenshot


Simple, beatiful and interactive UITabBar

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SnackView screenshot


An easy way to present customizable bottom-half alert. SnackView provides some UI elements ready to use.

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Dotted Progress Bar screenshot

Dotted Progress Bar

Simple and customizable animated progress bar with dots

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PGEZTransition screenshot


Easy Transform Transition (iOS)

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SwiftyCodeView screenshot


A customizable UI Component for verification codes written in swift

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Rough screenshot


Rough lets you draw in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like, style. The library defines primitives to draw lines, curves, arcs, polygons, circles, and ellipses.

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MediaPickersPresenterFramework screenshot


Handles fetching data from camera, documents, phone library

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SpellCheckerTextView screenshot


A UITextView subclass which detects and highlights words with incorrect spellings. The language is determined using the Device Language. Uses UISpellChecker and NSLinguistic Tagger. Written entirel...

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Keychain screenshot


Keychain is a wrapper library built around a small subset of features offered by Keychain Services to simplify saving and retrieving data to and from the iOS Keychain using kSecClassGenericPassword...

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PromisedFuture screenshot


A Swift based Future/Promises framework to help writing asynchronous code in an elegant way

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Wormholy screenshot


iOS network debugging, like a wizard 🧙‍♂️

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Twitter Network Layer screenshot

Twitter Network Layer

Twitter Network Layer is a scalable and feature rich network layer built on top of NSURLSession for Apple platforms

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VisualActivityViewController screenshot


A way to represent what you’re sharing. This project provides a preview of items being shared via UIActivityViewController.

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SwiftColorWheel screenshot


Delightful color picker wheel for iOS in Swift.

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QRCode screenshot


A QRCode Generator in Swift

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PopItUp screenshot


PopItUp is a mini framework that add a new method to UIViewContollers to help you present controllers like popup and have the same visual effect has a system popup would have.

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SafeBrowsing screenshot


Protect your users against malware and phishing threats using Google Safe Browsing

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AMBurnAnimation screenshot


AMBurnAnimation is a UIView extension can display animation of burning view.

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RMGradientView screenshot


Easily create gradient views with inspectable properties for colors and gradient direction

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Spirality screenshot


Create beautiful drawings reminiscent of old Spirograph toys. - Wechat mini-program inside

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UIStepperController screenshot


UIStepperController is a custom class that written to draw / design an awsome Stepper Controller with easy approche. further more it capable of holding either numeric or floating numbers, and devel...

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GKPictureInPictureView screenshot


FaceTime/iOS PiP like throwable view

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FullMaterialLoader screenshot


FullMaterialLoader is the swift library to show and animate the loader

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AppImageViewer screenshot


Easy way to show image like facebook. just add you image, present it. thats it.

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