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Stepperier screenshot


An interactive draggable stepper

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ILSCloudKitManager screenshot


ILSCloudKitManager is wrapper for managing apple's CloudKit operations like create, update, fetch and delete records.

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PBJEffects screenshot


PBJEffects is a nice collection of cool effects.

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PBJAnimations screenshot


A simple animations & transitions class.

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Continuum screenshot


NotificationCenter based Lightweight UI / AnyObject binder.

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PBJDebuggingTools screenshot


Nice collection of some useful debugging tools.

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iOSGesturizer screenshot


Enables gesture interaction for iOS apps running on devices with 3D-touch. Features: * Gesture mode is activated when a user applies additional pressure to the screen. * Gestures can be ex...

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Tutti screenshot


Tutti is a Swift library for creating hints, tutorials and onboarding experiences.

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ZMJTipView screenshot


Fully customisable tooltip view in Objective-C for iOS.

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Tags screenshot


dynamically add, modify, and delete tags, and you can easily change the margins, colors, and fonts of your tags. Tags are not broken because they are linked with Auto Layout. Each time the he...

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AR_Shooting_target screenshot


A 3D game base on ARKit

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ZMJGanttChart screenshot


Full configurable spreadsheet view user interfaces for iOS applications. With this framework, you can easily create complex layouts like schedule, gantt chart or timetable as if you are using Excel.

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Sheeeeeeeeet screenshot


Sheeeeeeeeet is a Swift library for custom action sheets.

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Tuxedo screenshot


Tuxedo is a template language for Swift. It allows you to separate the UI and rendering layer of your application from the business logic. Smart templates working with raw data allow the frontend t...

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VDSFlipAnimations screenshot


Flip animate any view by adding the VDSFlipAnimation Class to your project and call the animations in any view as extension. e.g.: profileImageView.flipLeft() profileImageView.flipRight() ...

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RxRetroSwift screenshot


A Reactive way inspired by the simplicity of Retrofit when creating REST API Calls.

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TLFloatLabelTextField screenshot


A Beautiful and flexible text field control(along with the bottom line) implementation of "Float Label Pattern". Written in Swift.

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DPPickerManager screenshot


UIPicker inside a UIAlertController

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StyleArts screenshot


Style Art is a library which process images using COREML with a set of pre trained machine learning models and convert them to Art style.

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AMJpnMapView screenshot


It can display a simple map of Japan.

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KRTournamentView screenshot


KRTournamentView is a flexible tournament bracket that can respond to the various structure on iOS.

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AMCalendar screenshot


AMCalendar is a calendar can select date.

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AMChart screenshot


It can display chart.

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AMColorPicker screenshot


AMColorPicker can select color by three ways.

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Q-municate screenshot


The open-source cross-platform video calling and instant messaging app from QuickBlox!

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