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RealtimeGradientText screenshot


Realtime Gradient Text

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PhotoSlider screenshot


PhotoSlider can a simple photo slider and delete slider with swiping.

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Simple AlertController Builder - Kamagari screenshot

Simple AlertController Builder - Kamagari

Simple UIAlertController builder class in Swift. #Features - AlertBuilder class to simply build UIAlertController by using method chaining -UIAlertController extension methods to simply pres...

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BWSegmentedControl screenshot


A segmented control with a ball indicator

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GMStepper screenshot


A stepper with a sliding label in the middle.

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BSErrorMessageView screenshot


Error message view for text field

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XHAmazingLoading screenshot


XHAmazingLoading indicators or load view based on CAReplicatorLayer class

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SQLFetchedResultsController screenshot


An attempt at making it easier to setup tables with SQLite. There arent many examples of how to properly page through results in a database. I want to fix this. For those that enjoy the flexibility...

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GooglePlacesSearchController screenshot


Google Places autocompleting address search controller

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HNKGooglePlacesAutocomplete screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper for the Google Places Autocomplete API

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