Weekly Roundup: Get a handle on iOS 7 and ARM64

by Aaron Brethorst | September 28, 2013

Now that iOS 7 is in the hands of consumers, and the NDA has been lifted, I've seen an incredible amount of awesome, new information coming out about everything from the inner workings of the new ARM64 architecture to what's new in iOS 7. Make sure you read through our links below.

Above and beyond that, minus a couple high-profile and surprising exceptions, I've been very pleased by the quality of the iOS 7 apps I've seen released into the App Store over the past week. It's a bummer...

Control of the Week: VCTransitionsLibrary

by Aaron Brethorst | September 28, 2013



Weekly Roundup: iPhones 5c and 5s

by Aaron Brethorst | September 21, 2013

Happy new iPhone to you all! I ordered a iPhone 5s from Apple early morning on Friday, but unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get in before shipping stretched out to 7-10 business days. (I ordered the 32GB Space Gray, in case you're curious.) So, I thought, "what the heck," got into my car, and drove over to the AT&T store at the Pacific Place mall in downtown Seattle. As luck would have it, when I arrived at 10:00AM, the line in front of me was only about 8 people long, and ...

Control of the Week: FSImageViewer

by Aaron Brethorst | September 21, 2013


Weekly Roundup: Is Apple About to Become the Dominant Game Console Maker?

by Aaron Brethorst | September 14, 2013

The iPhone event has come and gone, and now we have a number of fascinating new developments to endlessly conjecture about. What I'm still most curious about, for example, is why Apple decided to make the new A7 chip 64-bit. It's not like the iPhone 5S (s?) has more than 4GB RAM, right? We will eventually have mobile phones that need to address more than 4GB, but why take that plunge now before it's necessary?

Unless, of course, it is necessary in the next 12 months. Like, f...

Control of the Week: MapBox

by Aaron Brethorst | September 14, 2013


An open source alternative to MapKit.

App of the Week: OneBusAway

by Aaron Brethorst | September 14, 2013

App Name
An open sourc...

Weekly Roundup

by Aaron Brethorst | September 07, 2013

Happy iPhone week! It's expected that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on the 10th, along with either the iOS 7 GM or a date for its release. I'm excited to see the hardware Apple will be releasing, but I'm even more excited to see what you all have been working on for iOS 7. I'm sure it's going to be awesome.


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Control of the Week: RNFrostedSidebar

by Aaron Brethorst | September 07, 2013