Weekly Roundup

by Aaron Brethorst | January 30, 2012

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s Weekly Roundup! In addition to trolling GitHub for cool, new controls, we also read a ton of blogs, Twitter posts, and Hacker News links, where we run into all sorts interesting content that—traditionally—hasn’t fit in well with the standard Cocoa Controls model. So, we’re mixing it up a bit, and adding a new feature this week: What We’re Reading. It seems like a shame to not share this stuff, and we hope you like it. Let us know ...

Control of the Week

by Aaron Brethorst | January 30, 2012

We’ve all dealt with the hassle of constructing UITableViewController subclasses specifically to capture a couple pieces of data. Maybe you’ve even created a half-baked generic frameworky sort of thing to make the process easier. I know I have, at least twice. This isn’t any fun, and yet we keep doing it. I now know that there’s a better way to deal with these sorts of things, with this week’s Control of the Week:

Weekly Roundup 23 Jan 2012

by Aaron Brethorst | January 23, 2012

Hi everybody – Welcome to another weekly Cocoa Controls roundup.

All the best,


Cocoa Controls Roundup


This is a snazzy-looking GarageBand styled knob. Tragically, it does not go to 11.

Control of the Week

by Aaron Brethorst | January 23, 2012

We have a ton of great, new controls for your perusal this week, as you’ll see in the Weekly Roundup, coming on Tuesday (or Monday if you join our mailing list). And, as always, to kick this off, we have another awesome control of the week for you to play around with.

Our latest Control of the Week is

Control of the Week

by Aaron Brethorst | January 16, 2012

Welcome to another edition of Control of the Week! We’ve published some great new controls on here this week, under the watchful eye of our new logo (I dig it; what do you think?): seven cool new tools for iOS developers to use to enhance, beautify and simplify their apps. You’ll hear more about them on Tuesday when I publish the weekly roundup to the blog, or you can get it a day early by subscribing to our spam-free, totally awesome newsletter (the signup box is just over there o...

Weekly Roundup, 01/09/12

by Aaron Brethorst | January 09, 2012

Welcome to another Cocoa Controls weekly roundup! I hope your holidays were happy, safe and (occasionally) productive! We have another great batch of seven new iOS controls for your perusal.

All the best,



This week’s Control of the Week, JGMediaPicker is a terrific replacement for MPMediaPickerCont...

Control of the Week, 01/06

by Aaron Brethorst | January 09, 2012

Welcome to another Control of the Week post! I hope you successfully survived the holidays, and are happy and excited to be back to work.

This week’s Control of the Week comes from Jamin Guy, an iOS developer with Griffin Technology. His best known app has over two million(!) downloads, and he appears to be quite the relentless helper-outer (question-answerer?) on StackOverflow for iOS questions.

Yes, that’s right: our control of...

App Design Vault thinks we're one of the top 32 resources for iOS developers

by Aaron Brethorst | January 05, 2012

Ain’t that nice?

Top 32 Resources A Mobile App Developer Should Know About
[Source: iPhone App Design]


Weekly Roundup, 01/02/12

by Aaron Brethorst | January 02, 2012

Happy New Year, and happy birthday to Cocoa Controls! The site was launched on January 3, 2011, and has grown beyond my wildest expectations from a year ago. Thank you so much for showing up, using the controls you find here, submitting new content, and just generally being the most awesome community I could possibly hope for.

Here’s to a terrific 2012!




Control of the Week, 12/30

by Aaron Brethorst | January 01, 2012

Happy New Year, and welcome to another control of the week post! We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff posted here over the past week, but my personal favorite offers you another UI element from one of the best new apps of the past couple months: Path 2.0.

Meet TimeScroller for iOS, which lets you declutter your UI by moving posted times out of your table cells and onto a snazzy clock overlay. As always it’s...