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BarChart screenshot


Bar Chart Standalone Component with Animation for IOS

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VKBarChartView screenshot


Drag & drop custom UIView bar chart with animating bars.

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RAMAnimatedTabBarController screenshot


RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift module for adding animation to tabbar items.

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SLPagingView screenshot


Navigation bar system allowing to do a Tinder like or Twitter like

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ADBarButtonFactory screenshot


A simple hack that leverages button background images to show a highlighted text state.

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ScreenSceneController screenshot


ScreenSceneController — custom view controller that manages the navigation of hierarchical content in JetRadar and Aviasales apps. It's written in Swift.

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KPCTabsControl screenshot


A multi-tabs control first designed to look and behave like the tab control in Apple's Numbers spreadsheet, with enhanced capabilities, but now with new tab styles, such as Chrome & Safari, as well as custom ones. KPCTabsControl provides the following features: Custom styles and themes! Default (, Chrome and Safari are provided. But you can easily write your own! Styles & themes comprise title styles, title editor style, (un)selected/unselectable backgrounds, borders, colors, fonts etc. Common dataSource/delegate Cocoa APIs Tabs can span the whole view width, or be flexible inside min&max. Tabs can be reordered, and renamed in place. When provided, the title can be replaced by an alternative icon when the width is too narrow for the title to be drawn.

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EAColourfulProgressView screenshot


EAColourfulProgressView is a custom progress view where the current filling colour is generated between two colours, based on the current value. It takes advantage of `IBDesignable` and `IBInspectable` so that you can completely customize it without leaving the Interface Builder.

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SmoothStatusBar screenshot


Smooth Status Bar like Instagram or Mailbox

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JBWebViewController screenshot


A drop-in modal web browser inspired by the current browser in the Facebook app on App Store. Works on both iOS 7 & iOS 8.

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KYCircularProgress screenshot


Flexible progress bar written in Swift.

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DSTransparentNavigationBar screenshot


UINavigationBar with transparency.

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THTinderNavigationController screenshot


A Tinder like navigation. Based on

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AdaptiveController screenshot


AdaptiveController is a 'Progressive Reduction' Swift module for adding custom states to Native or Custom UI elements.

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JMFormDescription screenshot


JMFormDescription is an Objective-C library for easily creating and managing complex structured forms.

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BMYScrollableNavigationBar screenshot


This version of the scrollable navigation bar feature is an evolution on Valentin Shergin's SherginScrollableNavigationBar. There are a few open source components (1, 2, 3, 4) for iOS but all of them suffer of different issues (included the original SherginScrollableNavigationBar) and work only with translucent or opaque navigation bars. This version aims to support both translucent and opaque navigation bars.

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CDSideBarController screenshot


CDSideBarController is a light and easy side bar with custom iOS7 animations and actions

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SQTShyNavigationBar screenshot


A shrinking (shy) navigation bar that automatically adjusts as a user scrolls, with customizable full and "shy" heights.The goal is to be as robust as possible, smoothly handling the trickier edge cases. SQTShyNavigation bar also allows you to customize the transition as the navigation bar shrinks, defaulting to fading out the title and buttons.

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MIBadgeButton screenshot


Unlike other similar controls with low performance and lagging with UITableView. MIBadgeButton is badge button with high UITableView/UICollectionView performance. iOS custom button badge designed for iOS 6 & 7

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GRVibrantTitlebarWindow screenshot


NSWindow with vibrant titlebar

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BFPaperTabBarController screenshot


iOS UITabBar (controller) inspired by Google's Paper Material Design.

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