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YAScrollSegmentControl screenshot


A simple control for implementing a beautiful scrolling segment control. With adaptive gradient to tease the user to explore all the items in the list. Fully customizable either by code or using in...

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UIImage+Additions screenshot


This category of UIImage add methods to generate dynamically images from colors, adding corner radius (for each corner), tinting images, etc. Use this category if you want to add "colored style" to...

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JTSlideShadowAnimation screenshot


A shadow animation effect for iOS

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Chameleon screenshot


Chameleon is a lightweight, yet powerful, flat color framework for iOS. It is built on the idea that software applications should function effortlessly while simultaneously maintaining their beauti...

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DPTransparentEdgesTableView (Swift and Objective-C implementation) screenshot

DPTransparentEdgesTableView (Swift and Objective-C implementation)

Table and scroll view with transparent top and bottom edges. Written in Objective-C and Swift

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CRGradientLabel screenshot


Custom UILabel subclass which allows gradient coloured backgrounds.

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DDBackgroundView screenshot


Cross-platform view (iOS and OS X) that can draw all that you ever want in your background: color, gradient, patttern image, just an image, a border, or rounded corners. Based on DBBackgroundVie...

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MGConferenceDatePicker screenshot


MGConferenceDatePicker is an object wich extend a UIView furnishing a very nice type of data picker.

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KXKiOS7ColorsAndGradients screenshot


A collection of colors and gradients taken from Apple's iOS 7 Apps and icons.

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SWGradientTabBar screenshot


A simple UITabBar with gradients, motivated by CRGradientNavigationBar. Apply gradients vertically or horizontally.

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CRGradientNavigationBar screenshot


Custom UINavigationBar subclass which allows gradient coloured navigation bar on iOS 7.

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ACPButton screenshot


This extension of UIButton allow you to have full control of your project buttons from one class. This class give you the oportunity to create buttons completly image free, combining flat color, gr...

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BButton 3.0 screenshot

BButton 3.0

Twitter Bootstrap Buttons for iOS.

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UINavigationBarAdjustableTint screenshot


A subclass of UINavigationBar that allows you to control the level of tint brightness that is applied to the tintColor

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THLabel screenshot


THLabel is a subclass of UILabel, which additionally allows shadow blur, inner shadow, stroke text and fill gradient.

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MRSubtleButton screenshot


A subtle gradient button derived from NSView.

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TLTiltHighlightView screenshot


A horizontal gradient which adjusts its appearance based on the positional attitude of an iOS device.

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LDGradientButton screenshot


LDGradientButton is meant to be a replacement for the Apple stock UIButton. It can easily be created either programmatically or with the Storyboard. It also supports the UIAppearence protocol for s...

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NVUIGradientButton screenshot


A beautiful customizable iOS button with gradient.

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FTWButton screenshot


FTWButton is a UIControl subclass that lets you easily set color, gradient, text, and icon properties for various states and animates between them.

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MKGradientButton screenshot


A simple UIButton subclass with a linear gradient. The button also supplies an optional in-view activity indicator.

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AngleGradientLayer screenshot


AngleGradientLayer is a CALayer implementation of angle gradient.

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MOOMaskedIconView screenshot


Draw scalable icons of different styles with a single PDF or image. If you're sick of maintaining tons of image files for @2x displays, different colors, or highlighted/unhighlighted states, this i...

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YmsGradientButton screenshot


iOS UIButton subclass featuring plist configured bitmap-free gradients.

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LBGradient screenshot


LBGradient is "NSGradient" for iOS. I didn't feel like writing 10 lines for one gradient all the time so I wrote this.

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