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JYRadarChart screenshot


an iOS open source Radar Chart implementation

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ICTextView screenshot


ICTextView is a UITextView subclass with optimized support for string/regex search and highlighting. It also features some iOS 7 specific improvements and bugfixes to the standard UITextView.

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EAN13BarcodeGenerator screenshot


Simple and performant solution to generate EAN13 barcode for iOS applications

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RDVTabBarController screenshot


Highly customizable tab bar and tab bar controller for iOS. * Supports iPad and iPhone * Supports landscape and portrait orientations * Can be used inside UINavigationController * Customizable badges

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MSMenuView screenshot


MSMenuView is an easy to use custom uitabbarcontroller, or menu (iOS 6+) .

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QMBTabs screenshot


Tab View Controller just like Safari or mobile Chrome

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MHCustomTabBarController screenshot


Custom UITabBar replacement using storyboard and segues.

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GzCountryTableView screenshot


A UITableView preloaded with all App Store countries and flags. It allows you to pick a country from a list or via search.

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RRCircularControl screenshot


Menu + slider + rainbow, all circular, animated and 100% Core Graphics (except for icons). As seen in Run app (

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UINavigationBarAdjustableTint screenshot


A subclass of UINavigationBar that allows you to control the level of tint brightness that is applied to the tintColor

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Twitter Archive Viewer screenshot

Twitter Archive Viewer

A viewer app for twitter archive. The usage is Just replacing "tweets" folder with yours.

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PDSearchHUD screenshot


Now there's no need to navigate to another view for selecting a data item. PDSearchHUD is very handy control used to show a HUD with a searchbar and tableview.

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KYArcTab screenshot


Arcing tab view controller with toggle animation. Supports 2 to 4 tabs. What's more, you can swipe left or right to toggle the views. B.t.w, this control is separated from [iPokeMon] ( (a PokéMon game on iOS with Location Based Service), you can take a look at the demo video how cool it is! - [Youtube]( - 2012-05-09 - [Youku]( - 2012-06-03 (Newer) --- iPokeMon is renamed to Master, and you can [Download it from the App Store](

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PATabBarController screenshot


Container UIViewController that allows to present multiple view controllers when embedded in UINavigationController through the segmented control in the navigation item

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SGSelectedViewController screenshot


A custom dropdown-style menu for iOS apps. Requires ARC and iOS 5.1 or higher.

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ShortcutRecorder screenshot


The best control to record shortcuts on macOS - Objective-C framework developed with Swift in mind - Easily stylable - Translated into 22 languages - Supports macOS Accessibility - Thoroughly documented and tested - Global and Local shortcuts for both key up and key down actions - Mac App Store approved - End-to-end Interface Builder integration

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ITSearchField screenshot


ITSearchField is a subclass of NSSearchField, which can collapse and expand if you click the search icon.

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CKSideBarController screenshot


CKSideBarController is a UITabBarController-like UIViewController for iPad. Inspired by Twitter for iPad, as well as my own work.

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DSBarChart screenshot


A simple Objective-C Bar Chart / Histogram library.

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YHCPickerView screenshot


YHCPickerView extends UIPickerView with a search bar to help your users easily filter the picker view's contents when it contains lots of records.

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HHTabListController - Vertical tab view controller screenshot

HHTabListController - Vertical tab view controller

HHTabListController is an implementation of a tab controller where tabs are listed in a table view hidden behind the active view controller. The list of tabs may be revealed using a swipe gesture or by touching a button. Visually the implementation is similar to the sliding menu or navigation bar seen in many iOS applications. To my knowledge the idea was pioneered by the Facebook app. The HHTabListController implementation was written for the ACTPrinter 4.0 application. The code presented here is identical to the one used in the shipped product.

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