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DOLabel screenshot


UILabel replacement based on CoreText/CALayer for macOS and iOS

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LTTextView screenshot


Control to create text with interactive substrings. With ability customize it with NSAttributedString attributes.

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DGDrawingLabel screenshot


Custom label which allows to pre-calculate text layout. It can be used in table views and collection views to achieve high-performance scroll when cell heights are different and depend on text size.

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CoreTextLabel screenshot


With CoreTextLabel you are able draw NSAttributedString or HTML with custom font and color in iOS (>= 5.0) applications. numberOfLines and truncation (NSLineBreakByTruncatingTail) is also supported. Example: CoreTextLabel* label = [[CoreTextLabel alloc] initWithFrame:frame]; label.html = htmlString; [label sizeToFit]; [self.view addSubview:label];

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PullToRefreshCoreText screenshot


PullToRefresh extension for all UIScrollView type classes with animated text drawing style

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MDHTMLLabel screenshot


MDHTMLLabel is a lightweight, easy to use class for rendering text containing HTML tags on iOS 6.0+. It behaves almost exactly the same as UILabel and allows you to fully customize its appearence with added features thanks to CoreText. It also lets you handle when a user taps or holds down a link in the label unlike many similar libraries. It provides: - Link interaction - Auto-detection of URLs not wrapped in anchor tags - Bold and italic text styles - Color and stroke styles - Indentation, kerning and line spacing settings - Text shadow styles

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SECoreTextView screenshot


SECoreTextView is multi-line rich text view library with clickable links, selectable text, embedding images and editing. More powerful, customizable, and flexible than UITextView.

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UICoreTextView screenshot


Easy to use UIView which supports rendering using CoreText

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MTLabel screenshot


By default, UIKit's UILabel provides many limitations, such as unable to customize line height attribute. This is a simple subclass of UIView which uses CoreText framework to draw text. It's still a work in progress so use it at your own risk.

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OCPDFGen screenshot


This library allows you to generate PDF files from HTML, NSAttributedStrings, and NSStrings. It uses DTCoreText from Cocoanetics to generate the NSAttributedString from HTML, then renders that string into a paged PDF context on the device. It saves the resulting file in the Documents folder on the device, and hands back the URL. At the moment, only text is supported in HTML. No images, tables, hr's, etc. Basic CSS is used to format the text in style="" attributes. This component was built by Mobile World Software, and is granted under the BSD license.

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FTCoreTextView screenshot


CoreText wrapper to draw rich text with HTML-like tags.

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TTTAttributedLabel screenshot


NSAttributedString is pretty rad. When it was ported into iOS 4 from Mac OS, iPhone developers everywhere rejoiced. Unfortunately, as of iOS 4 none of the standard controls in UIKit support it. Bummer. TTTAttributedLabel was created to be a drop-in replacement for UILabel, that provided a simple API to styling text with NSAttributedString while remaining performant. As a bonus, it also supports link embedding, both automatically with UIDataDetectorTypes and manually by specifying a range for a URL, address, phone number, or event.

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EGOTextView screenshot


EGOTextView is a complete drop in replacement for UITextView created by enormego, that adds support for Rich Text Editing.

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CoreTextWrapper screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper around Core Text for creating multi-column text and loading custom fonts.

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RTLabel screenshot


Rich text formatting for iOS using HTML-like markup. Based on Core Text. Supports: bold and italic style, color and size, stroke, indenting, kerning, line spacing, clickable links.

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CoreTextHyperlinkView screenshot


Uses AutoHyperlinks code from Adium Project includes an example of how to use the core text view. It's pretty simple - create the view with a 0 height frame, set the attributes, set its text, and then ask it for it's size so that the height is just correct. It will calculate based on the constraining width, and any padding that you set. There is also a Twitter specific subclass that enables @usernames and #hashtags to be linkified. Settable Attributes: textAlignment textColor linkColor highlightedLinkColor fontName fontSize paddingTop paddingLeft backgroundImage bgImageTopStretchCap bgImageLeftStretchCap

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OHAttributedLabel screenshot


This class allows you to use a UILabel with NSAttributedStrings, in order to display styled text with mixed style (mixed fonts, color, size, ...) in a unique label. It can also detect links, add custom links, use basic markup to create your NSAttributedStrings easily (instead of lots of lines of code), and much more. Use it as a drop-in replacement for any of your UILabel. Compatible with iOS4.3 and later.

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DTCoreText screenshot


This project aims to duplicate the methods present on Mac OSX which allow creation of NSAttributedString from HTML code on iOS. This is useful for drawing simple rich text like any HTML document without having to use a UIWebView. (Previously known as "NSAttributedString Additions for HTML")

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