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DDPerspectiveTransform screenshot


🔲 Warp image transformation. Select area and crop image with transformation.

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CropPickerView screenshot


Image Crop View

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CropPickerController screenshot


CropPickerController 👍

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CuteAttribute screenshot


An elegant way to deal with attributed string in swift.

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Kommander screenshot


Kommander is a Swift library to manage the task execution in different threads. Through the definition a simple but powerful concept, Kommand.

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SBSwifty3DTouch screenshot


This is simple 3D Touch with Static and Dynamic ShortCutItems in Swift.

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Cutaway screenshot


Even for moderately complex apps, it soon becomes clear that having a single storyboard file for everything gets unmanageable pretty quickly. As a solution, we can have multiple storyboards and instantiate view controllers manually, yet not having to write code to perform transitions is pretty great. The best of both worlds would be to have segues that can cross storyboard boundaries. Xcode 7 (announced at WWDC 2015) allows just that, but it seems likely that this feature will be limited to iOS 9. If you still need to support iOS 7+, fret not, because now there is Cutaway. The goals for this project are: - The storyboard is the source of truth: all information for segue destinations is available in the storyboard file itself. - No segue subclassing: any segue type can link to a different storyboard (including embed segues, which can't be subclassed). - No child view controllers: the destination view controller you get in a segue is exactly what you expected, not wrapped by any container. - Transparently support unwind segues. Cutaway achieves these, and while not 100% future-proof (it uses method swizzling in the UIStoryboard class), it tries to do this in the least intrusive way possible. Once you're ready to migrate to iOS 9 exclusively, all you need to do is replace the placeholder view controllers with native storyboard references and reconnect your segues.

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ARHomeScreenShortcuts screenshot


Installs home screen shortcuts to features of your app like OneTap or Facebook Groups.

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ICGVideoTrimmer screenshot


A library for quick video trimming, mimicking the behavior of Instagram's

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CLFaceDetectionImagePicker screenshot


Live Face detection ImagePicker for iPad IOS7/8 Supported. Very easy-to-use and can be easily customised. Purely written in obejct-c, no OPENCV at all! It will trigger the camera u defined (front or back), and detect the people's face in the camera. If people's face is detected, it will take photo and return the photo data back. I wrote this control for a commercial project which has been used millions of times per day all around the world. So it is very reliable.

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TMConsecutiveDayHelper screenshot


A pretty basic implementation to help keep track of a users streak of days where he/she has launched your app. The component uses NSUserDefaults to keep track of the dates. It also makes use of NSDate+Helpers category used in the PMCalendar repo here: which is MIT Licensed. Install: Copy TMConsecutiveDayHelper.h and TMConsecutiveDayHelper.m into your project as well as NSDate+Helpers.h and NSDate+Helpers.m. Place a call to: [TMConsecutiveDayHelper appLaunched]; In your App Delegate's application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method Then to check on your users streak you can call: [TMConsecutiveDayHelper streakSizeInDays]; Or Alternatively call: [TMConsecutiveDayHelper hasComeBackForThisExactNumberOfDaysConsecutively:5] which returns a BOOL You're responsible for what you want to do with the info and the class just keeps track of the streak itself. Downsides: Because the app uses NSUserDefaults it could be gamed pretty easily, by the user changing the date on their device. The component also uses ARC so if your project is using reference counting (ie retain release) then place the compiler flag ' -fobjc-arc ' inside the TMConsecutiveDayHelper.m row under the 'Compile Sources' located within the 'Build Phases' Tab for your App/Target settings.

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GBPathImageView screenshot


With this class, you can get images in the circles or squares with the border.

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WSCoachMarksView screenshot


WSCoachMarksView is an iOS drop-in class that displays user coach marks with a rectangular cutout over an existing UI. This approach leverages your actual UI as part of the onboarding process for your user. Simply define an array of rectangles (CGRect) and their accompanying captions.

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ShortcutRecorder screenshot


The best control to record shortcuts on macOS - Objective-C framework developed with Swift in mind - Easily stylable - Translated into 22 languages - Supports macOS Accessibility - Thoroughly documented and tested - Global and Local shortcuts for both key up and key down actions - Mac App Store approved - End-to-end Interface Builder integration

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