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KeyboardShortcuts screenshot


Add user-customizable global keyboard shortcuts to your macOS app in minutes

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DDPerspectiveTransform screenshot


🔲 Warp image transformation. Select area and crop image with transformation.

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CropPickerView screenshot


Image Crop View

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CropPickerController screenshot


CropPickerController 👍

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CuteAttribute screenshot


An elegant way to deal with attributed string in swift.

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Kommander screenshot


Kommander is a Swift library to manage the task execution in different threads. Through the definition a simple but powerful concept, Kommand.

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SBSwifty3DTouch screenshot


This is simple 3D Touch with Static and Dynamic ShortCutItems in Swift.

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Cutaway screenshot


Even for moderately complex apps, it soon becomes clear that having a single storyboard file for everything gets unmanageable pretty quickly. As a solution, we can have multiple storyboards and ins...

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ARHomeScreenShortcuts screenshot


Installs home screen shortcuts to features of your app like OneTap or Facebook Groups.

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ICGVideoTrimmer screenshot


A library for quick video trimming, mimicking the behavior of Instagram's

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CLFaceDetectionImagePicker screenshot


Live Face detection ImagePicker for iPad IOS7/8 Supported. Very easy-to-use and can be easily customised. Purely written in obejct-c, no OPENCV at all! It will trigger the camera u defin...

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TMConsecutiveDayHelper screenshot


A pretty basic implementation to help keep track of a users streak of days where he/she has launched your app. The component uses NSUserDefaults to keep track of the dates. It also makes use of ...

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GBPathImageView screenshot


With this class, you can get images in the circles or squares with the border.

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WSCoachMarksView screenshot


WSCoachMarksView is an iOS drop-in class that displays user coach marks with a rectangular cutout over an existing UI. This approach leverages your actual UI as part of the onboarding process for y...

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ShortcutRecorder screenshot


The best control to record shortcuts on macOS - Objective-C framework developed with Swift in mind - Easily stylable - Translated into 22 languages - Supports macOS Accessibility - Thoroughl...

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