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RadioGroup screenshot


The missing iOS radio buttons group.

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APSGroupedTableView screenshot


A beautiful looking table view that can create a grouping of rows to group similar items together

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MMParallaxCollectionView screenshot


Custom Collection with parallax and table group style

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FirebaseChat screenshot


A simple anonymous group chat application using Firebase using Swift 3.0

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MDAvatarGroupView screenshot


This library provides a custom UIView with support for showing group of avatars. It’s used for group chat. The images list can be loaded from local or web url.

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SwiflyOverlay screenshot


Yet another full screen navigation component, this time written in swift.

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LoginScreen screenshot


The project contain an login screen which was developed as test project, and then little bit modified and improved. The Login screen contain few UITextField for input login and password, three button for sign in via facebook/twitter/google plus (further in the text as the 'social btns'). If user tapped any text field, social btns will be hidden. Instead social btns will be showed button 'SIGN IN', for apply inputted data. All changes are animated. If tapped any social btns - will be hidden text fields, and instead showed brief info about selected account (avatar and user name). All changes are also animated. In this project represented only animation, little bit customizing UITextField appearance, and handling user interactions.

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ARHomeScreenShortcuts screenshot


Installs home screen shortcuts to features of your app like OneTap or Facebook Groups.

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INTUGroupedArray screenshot


An Objective-C and Swift collection for iOS and OS X that stores objects grouped into sections. INTUGroupedArray is an Objective-C data structure that takes the common one-dimensional array to the next dimension. The grouped array is designed with a familiar API to fit right in alongside Foundation collections like NSArray, with fully-featured immutable and mutable variants. A thin bridge brings the grouped array to Swift as native classes, where it harnesses the power, safety, and flexibility of generics, optionals, subscripts, literals, tuples, and much more. INTUGroupedArray is extremely versatile, and can replace complicated nested arrays or combinations of other data structures as a general purpose data storage mechanism. The grouped array is ideal to use as a UITableView data source, as it is highly compatible with the data source and delegate callbacks -- requiring only a single line of code in many cases. However, it is suitable for use across the entire stack of iOS and OS X applications.

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MGMultipleImageBuilder screenshot


MGMultipleImageBuilder is a builder which allow you to create multi-face avatar such as that for a group chat.

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UIBarButtonItemGrouping screenshot


iOS category on UINavigationItem that groups automatically UIBarButtonItem buttons on the left or rightBarButtonItems. You can add as many buttons as you want and then set the available spots, the category will take care of the grouping an generating the UIActionSheet with the overflow buttons.

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TNRadioButtonGroup screenshot


Create easy radio button groups in objective-c

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TNCheckBoxGroup screenshot


Customisable checkbox class for Objective-C

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GLGroupChatPicView screenshot


Inspired by

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PBGroupScrollController screenshot


Controller that allows great user experiance when scrolling CollectionView down and up. Instead of classic scrolling it offers scroll whole page. Inspired by Feedly app.

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SPHChatBubble screenshot


Sphchatbubble to use in chat screens. This project is an attempt to create the experience of chat bubbles with image , time and avatar support. Features: 1. You can customize as per your need (Ex: change the bubble image) 2. Message sizes can be vary from small to larger. 3. Copy & paste messages 4. Support for group messages 5. Data detectors (recognizes phone numbers, links, dates, etc.) 6. Timestamps 7. Avatars 8. Subtitles 9. Dynamically resizes input text view as you type Contribute: I'd love to include your contributions. Feel free to improve it, send comments or suggestions. Please let me know if you have great idea on it. Contact Me 
or add me on Facebook -

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ASGallery screenshot


Photo Gallery control like in native "Photos" application. Zooming, caching, smooth background thread image preloading, video support

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JSQMessagesViewController screenshot


An elegant messages UI library for iOS.

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ResizeImage screenshot


ResizeImage is an example project demonstrating how to resize image without using UIPinchGesture. Tap on image and with the help of points on an image you will be able to resize the image. It also allows to move the image at any position without using UIPanGesture. Other features include: Add multiple images Group multiple images Ungroup images When you double tap on the image, you will get menu options - To back, To front, Delete To back -> send image back to another image To Front -> bring image in front of another image Delete -> Delete selected image.

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TKRoundedView screenshot


Simple and advanced rounded corners without images, perfect for implementing grouped table view cells

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CHSectionSelectionView screenshot


Easy to use and highly customizable View that displays selector controls for (e.g.) UITableView Sections. This project is inspired by the iPads Address Book application.

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