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MKToolTip screenshot


October 06, 2018 • MIT License
MKToolTip is a customizable tooltip view written in Swift that can be used as a informative tip.
LoginForm screenshot


February 26, 2017 • Apache 2.0 License
Login Form UI for iPhone application in portrait mode
Luminous screenshot


November 07, 2016 • MIT License
Luminous gives you all the system information you need!
TNInfoBubble screenshot


August 23, 2016 • MIT License
TNInfoBubble is a component written in Swift to create a Prisma-like info bubble. The looks of the info bubble can be changed. It works with Storyboards & code.
Jukebox screenshot


April 30, 2016 • MIT License
Player for streaming local and remote audio files. Written in Swift.
iDevicesInformation screenshot


April 18, 2016 • Unspecified License
A Light Weight and Updated Code for Device Detection and many other functionality written in swift 2.0
RADInfoBannerView screenshot


March 08, 2016 • MIT License
Simple and Customizable Dropdown banner below Navigation Bar
JTFadingInfoView screenshot


August 20, 2015 • MIT License
The google's material design like notification view with smooth fade in/out animation features. You can select fade in/out direction as you like. Also, customizable properties can be tweaked be...
InfoButton screenshot


July 02, 2015 • MIT License
Simple and Lightweight Information Button for Mac OSX implemented in Swift
BFKit-Swift screenshot


June 23, 2015 • MIT License
BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Objective-C</strong> version check it out here: <str...
ProvisioningInfo screenshot


May 22, 2015 • Unspecified License
OS X Utility to manage provisioning profiles
SQLiteInfo screenshot


May 22, 2015 • Unspecified License
OS X app that gives information about the size in Kb for each table of a db
GBDeviceInfo screenshot


March 13, 2015 • Apache 2.0 License
Detects the hardware, software and display of the current iOS or Mac OS X device at runtime.
AFMInfoBanner screenshot


January 21, 2015 • MIT License
Easy to use auto-hiding notice bar below Navigation Bar
BFKit screenshot


December 24, 2014 • MIT License
BFKit is a collection of useful classes to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Swift</strong> version check it out here: <strong><a href="https://www.cocoacontro...
AutoDescribe screenshot


May 11, 2014 • Unspecified License
A category on NSObject which allows you to query information about an instance.
RBCollectionViewInfoFolderLayout screenshot


April 26, 2014 • MIT License
A UICollectionViewLayout that uses supplemental views to display a folder below a cell that looks like the screen was split. Mimics the pre iOS7 springboard groups visualization. Wrote this because...
iAppInfos screenshot


January 12, 2014 • MIT License
iAppInfos provides easy access to a ton of important app and device information. For example: * Mobile provisioning info * iOS version * Device model * Free disk space * Memory available ...
MIBAboutController screenshot


November 10, 2013 • MIT License
A simple tableview for static content, optimized for 'About' views.
TWSReleaseNotesView screenshot


August 20, 2013 • MIT License
Among other crazy features, iOS 7 enables users to have automatic updates for their apps, wiping away the infamous App Store badge. This is really convenient both for users and developers, but it c...