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NSView-ESSViewCategory screenshot


a category on NSView that simplifies zoom-transitioning between two NSViews

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ESSSquareProgressIndicator screenshot


A rectangular (square), indeterminate progress indicator for iOS and OS X

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MKWeatherUndergroundKit screenshot


A simple iOS and OS X library for retrieving weather information using the Weather Underground API

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DejalIntervalPicker screenshot


`DejalIntervalPicker` is a custom Mac control similar to `NSDatePicker`, but for time intervals or ranges. Features -------- - A custom control with an amount or amount range, units, and stepper. - Like `NSDatePicker`, editing components separately, with a stepper. - Can set minimum and maximum amounts. - Can get/set the interval as a `DejalInterval`, as individual values, or as a `NSTimeInterval`. - Can have either a single amount or a range of amounts. - Can optionally filter the range to ensure the first amount is smaller (or equal to) the second one, or vice versa. - Can control which units to include. - Can navigate between components via Tab and Shift-Tab and left/right arrow keys, or clicking. - Can type amounts just like in the date picker, and units with auto-completion. - Can increment and decrement amounts and units via up/down arrow keys, +/- keys, or the stepper. - Can increment/decrement in steps of 5 via Shift/Option/Ctrl and up/down arrow keys, or Page Up/Down. - Can go to the first/last valid values via Home/End. - Can display a drop-down menu of suggested legal amounts or units via the spacebar or clicking on the selected value. - Supports regular, small and mini sizes. - Supports properties, key-value coding, and bindings. - Supports `IB_DESIGNABLE` and `IBInspectable`, so the picker can be configured in IB. - A demo project is included.

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DejalObject screenshot


An abstract data model class that can represent subclasses as dictionary or JSON data for saving to disk or over the network. For both OS X and iOS. Features -------- - **DejalObject**: This is an abstract subclass of `NSObject` that adds methods to represent the receiver as a dictionary or JSON data, load default values, track changes, enumerate an array of `DejalObject` instances, and more. - **DejalColor**: A concrete subclass of `DejalObject` to represent a color (for OS X or iOS), enabling it to be stored in a `DejalObject` subclass. - **DejalDate**: Another concrete subclass to represent a date, primarily so it can automatically be represented as JSON. - **DejalInterval**: A subclass to represent a time interval or a range of intervals, including an amount and units, with methods to represent the interval or range in various ways, including as human-readable strings (see also the `DejalIntervalPicker` project for OS X). A demo project is included, showing a subclass of `DejalObject` to store various data types.

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ScheduleKit screenshot


ScheduleKit is a new graphical event management framework for Mac OS X that provides a great way to display a set of event-like objects (with basically starting date and duration properties) either a day or week based timetable.

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DejalAppKitCategories screenshot


DejalAppKitCategories is a collection of categories for AppKit on OS X, to add useful methods to classes like NSMenu, NSTableView, NSTextView, and others. - **NSButton+Dejal**: A text color property and a method to display a menu. - **NSImage+Dejal**: Methods to draw flipped images, apply a badge or tint, or get a PNG representation. - **NSMenu+Dejal**: Methods to add and remove items. - **NSOutlineView+Dejal**: Methods for selected items and displaying a menu. - **NSPopUpButton+Dejal**: Methods to add and select items. - **NSScreen+Dejal**: Screen name methods. - **NSSplitView+Dejal**: Methods for split positions and collapsing and expanding. - **NSTableView+Dejal**: Selection, column and copying methods. - **NSTextField+Dejal**: Methods to set values, synchronize with a slider, and resize the window (using autoresizing). - **NSTextView+Dejal**: Properties for string, attributed string and RTF values, methods for length, range, appending, and selection. - **NSToolbar+Dejal**: Methods for the toolbar height and finding an item by identifier. - **NSView+Dejal**: Add a view as a fully-constrained subview, adjust autoresizing, scale, and set the alpha opacity. - **NSWindow+Dejal**: Methods to force editing to end, fade in a window, and adjust the sizing of the window based on a view.

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DejalFoundationCategories screenshot


DejalFoundationCategories is a collection of Foundation-level categories, to add useful methods to classes like NSArray, NSDictionary, NSString, and others. They work on both OS X and iOS. Features -------- - **NSArray+Dejal**: 30+ methods extending `NSArray` and `NSMutableArray`, including object matching, reversal, sorting, deep copying, adding and removing. - **NSAttributedString+Dejal**: 10+ methods extending `NSAttributedString` and `NSMutableAttributedString`, including convenience initializers, RTF and font methods. - **NSData+Dejal**: A couple of methods to make archiving and unarchiving objects slightly more convenient. - **NSDate+Dejal**: 50+ methods extending `NSDate`, including convenience initializers, handy date component properties and calculators, JSON date support, string formatting, and relative date output. - **NSDictionary+Dejal**: 25+ methods extending `NSDictionary` and `NSMutableDictionary`, including object matching, scalar support, deep copying, and more. - **NSFileManager+Dejal**: 15+ methods extending `NSFileManager`, including convenient file attributes, file renaming, and path building. - **NSObject+Dejal**: 15+ methods extending the `NSObject` base class, including key-value conveniences, "equivalent" comparisons, and `performSelector` methods. - **NSString+Dejal**: 80+ methods extending `NSString` and `NSMutableString`, including scalar value formatting, contains evaluation, comparisons, substring and range utilities, reformatting, checksum and encoding utilities, internet utilities, file path methods, and appending and replacing methods. - **NSUserDefaults+Dejal**: 15+ methods extending `NSUserDefaults`, including support for default values, sanitizing values, time intervals, factory settings, and copying preferences.

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WAYTheDarkSide screenshot


The WAYTheDarkSide class provides several helper methods to handle OS X Yosemite's new Dark Mode!

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WAYSourceListWindow screenshot


The WAYSourceListWindow is a NSWindow subclass, which splits the window space vertically into the master view on the left, and the detail view on the right side as known from apps like Reminders or Notes.

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GRPushSegue screenshot


A custom NSStoryboardSegue to make a nice iOS-like push transition.

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WAYWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass that simplifies Yosemite exclusive features.

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MaterialDesignColorsSwift screenshot


All colors defined in Google Material Design guidelines available for OSX and iOS development

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Alpha Channel Remover screenshot

Alpha Channel Remover

Mac OS X Application which allow users to remove alpha (transparency) from images. You can remove alpha channel of multiple files within seconds.

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PureLayout screenshot


The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout — impressively simple, immensely powerful. PureLayout extends UIView/NSView, NSArray, and NSLayoutConstraint with a comprehensive Auto Layout API that is modeled after Apple's own frameworks. Writing Auto Layout code from scratch isn't easy. PureLayout provides a fully capable and developer-friendly interface for Auto Layout. It is designed for clarity and simplicity, and takes inspiration from the Auto Layout UI options available in Interface Builder while delivering far more flexibility. The API is also highly efficient, as it adds only a thin layer of third party code and is engineered for maximum performance.

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AppearanceMaker screenshot


Create custom appearances to customize your app's look with NSAppearance

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FinderSyrahUI screenshot


An experiment showing how Finder might look like on the next OSX.

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XML-Reader screenshot


XML Reader for OS X that allows you to preview a XML url as well as convert it to JSON format.

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JSON to Foundation screenshot

JSON to Foundation

Take a JSON object and convert it to a Foundation object and export to class files.

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UAAppReviewManager screenshot


UAAppReviewManager is a simple and lightweight App review prompting tool for iOS and Mac App Store apps. The average end-user will only write a review if something is wrong with your App. This leads to an unfairly negative skew in the ratings, when the majority of satisfied customers don’t leave reviews and only the dissatisfied ones do. In order to counter-balance the negatives, UAAppReviewManager prompts the user to write a review, but only after the developer knows they are satisfied. For example, you may only show the popup if the user has been using it for more than a week, and has done at least 5 significant events (the core functionality of your App). The rules are fully customizable for your App and easy to setup.

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CocoaGLPaint screenshot


OpenGL Paint for OS X. Available features: * configurable pen (softness, color, size, opacity) * configurable eraser (softness, size, opacity) * undo/redo (pen/eraser) steps * saving as NSImage

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