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UIImagePlusPDF screenshot


UIImage PDF extensions.

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THPDFKit screenshot


PDF viewer component on top of Apples PDFKit

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VNImageScanner screenshot


VNImageScanner Welcome to the spiritual successor of IPDFCameraViewController and MAImagePickerController, that tries to unite a usable & simple camera component class into a single UIView. Init...

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PDFloraButton screenshot


Use PDFloraButton.swift class to add flora button over any view using minimum lines of code. You can add images also to the surrounding buttons by sending an array of images string. Hence! let you ...

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UXMPDFKit screenshot


A PDF viewer and annotator that can be embedded in iOS applications

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GDPDFView screenshot


Vertical scroll view to display PDF file based on using OHPDFImage

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ThumbnailPDF screenshot


You can create thumbnails of PDF file.

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JCTiledScrollView_Swift screenshot


Jesse Collis's JCTiledScrollView rewritten in Swift. A set of classes that wrap UIScrollView and CATiledLayer. It aims to simplify displaying large images and PDFs at multiple zoom scales.

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M13PDFKit screenshot


M13PDFKit is an iBooks like PDF viewer that can be embedded in iOS applications.

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RSBarcodes screenshot


RSBarcodes allows you to scan 1D and 2D barcodes using metadata scanning capabilities introduced with iOS7 and generate the same set of barcode images for displaying and sharing.

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RoboReader screenshot


With a couple of lines of code you can create a PDF view controller. This framework is very fast and easy to use.

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ThatPDF screenshot


ThatPDF is an open source application for reading and annotating pdfs. It's a good example on how to: * read PDFs * annotate PDFs * sign PDFs * integrate the Ink Mobile Framework

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PdfReportKit screenshot


PdfReportKit is a small utility to create a PDF report starting with an HTML template. It supports header, footer, or other content that needs to appear on every page of the report.

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PDF Viewer App screenshot

PDF Viewer App

Basic PDF VIewer App based on the open source PDF Reader Core project code.

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PTShowcaseViewController screenshot


A "showcase" view controller for iOS apps. Visualizes images, videos and PDF files beautifully!

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OCPDFGen screenshot


This library allows you to generate PDF files from HTML, NSAttributedStrings, and NSStrings. It uses DTCoreText from Cocoanetics to generate the NSAttributedString from HTML, then renders that str...

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MOOMaskedIconView screenshot


Draw scalable icons of different styles with a single PDF or image. If you're sick of maintaining tons of image files for @2x displays, different colors, or highlighted/unhighlighted states, this i...

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PDF Reader Core screenshot

PDF Reader Core

Open source PDF reader code for fellow iOS developers struggling with wrangling PDF files onto iOS device screens. The code is universal and does not require any XIBs (as all UI elements are cod...

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