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September 28, 2019 • MIT License
An Instagram inspired Web View Controller.
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August 15, 2017 • MIT License
A utility control which is using fast WKWebView in replacement of UIWebView which is introduced in iOS8. Just set URL to load and it will do the rest. Very easy to implement. This is very useful wh...
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January 03, 2017 • MIT License
SwiftWebVC is a simple inline browser for your Swift iOS app.
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November 15, 2016 • MIT License
UIWebView & WKWebView Container Base On Object-C
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October 15, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
An easy way to get Social Newtworks authenticating by OAuth 2.0 on Objective-C via UIWebView
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July 08, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
A little-weight UIWebView that let you insert your url in interface builder
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June 28, 2016 • MIT License
The MarkedView is the markdown text viewer
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WebKit Helper - Otafuku

July 08, 2015 • MIT License
Otafuku provides utility classes to use WKWebView in Swift and has the following features. - WebViewUIController to handle WKUIDelegate methods by presenting an alert as usual browsers do. - ...
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June 23, 2015 • MIT License
BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Objective-C</strong> version check it out here: <str...
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April 03, 2015 • Unspecified License
A React Native component which renders HTML content as native views.
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March 04, 2015 • BSD License
In-App debug console for your UIWebView & WKWebView
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December 24, 2014 • MIT License
BFKit is a collection of useful classes to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Swift</strong> version check it out here: <strong><a href="https://www.cocoacontro...
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August 24, 2014 • MIT License
An iOS browser built on top of UIWebView
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July 07, 2014 • MIT License
Brings some of the missing features of the UIWebView to iOS. Features progress tracking, and custom user-agent support.
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April 24, 2014 • MIT License
A UIWebView ViewController to be used with a UINavigationController or on its own as a modal segue. KAWebViewController is a view controller class for UIWebView. I never found a similar solutio...
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April 13, 2014 • MIT License
An inline web browsing view controller that can be used to quickly display web content to users from within an app. It automatically customises its appearance based on the device's current iOS vers...
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September 28, 2013 • Public Domain License
HTML content display, with custom scroller, showing specific sections throughout the document as markers in the scroll. On position it displays the currently scrolled section. Section titles are p...
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September 07, 2013 • MIT License
In-app browser for iOS apps with UIActivity support. EGYWebViewController features: * iPhone- and iPad-specific UIs * full landscape orientation support * back, forward, stop/refresh and ac...
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August 15, 2013 • MIT License
A simple category implementation of UIWebView with Blocks instead of a messy delegate.
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May 12, 2013 • MIT License
PBWebViewController is a light-weight, simple and customizable web browser component for iOS. It's just 2 source files, image-free, around 200 lines of code and has been built with modern Cocoa dev...