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March 01, 2017 • Apache 2.0 License
Promises & Await - Write better async code in Swift
SwiftRichString screenshot


December 31, 2016 • MIT License
Elegant & Painless Attributed Strings Management Library in Swift
SwiftLocation screenshot


August 25, 2015 • MIT License
SwiftLocation is a simple 100% Swift wrapper around CoreLocation. Use Location services has never been easier and you can do it with your favourite language. Let me show the best features of the li...
SwiftDate screenshot


May 22, 2015 • MIT License
Easy NSDate Management in Swift (both for iOS and OSX)
DMPagerViewController screenshot


February 05, 2015 • MIT License
DMPagerViewController is page navigation controller like the one used in Twitter or Tinder
DMDynamicWaterfall screenshot


January 25, 2014 • MIT License
UICollectionView Waterfall Layout with UIKit Dynamics.
DMSplitView screenshot


January 23, 2013 • MIT License
DMSplitView is a revisited version of the standard OSX's NSSplitView control. The e problem with NSSplitView is that some things which should be simple require implementing unintuitive delegate met...
DMLazyScrollView screenshot


December 03, 2012 • MIT License
DMLazyScrollView for iOS (with support for infinite scrolling) allows you to create and endless (in horizontal direction) UIScrollView organized in pages and load UIViews dynamically only when need...
DMPageControl screenshot


November 26, 2012 • Unspecified License
An high customizable alternative to UIPageControl. DMPageControl redefines exactly every property and methods available in standard UIKit's UIPageControl. However you can customize it by setting...
DMCircularScrollView screenshot


September 05, 2012 • MIT License
Infinite/Circular Scrolling Implementation for UIScrollView DMCircularScrollView implements an infinite. When creating paging functionality for your apps, there may be times that an infinite page ...
DMInspectorPalette screenshot


July 27, 2012 • MIT License
DMInspectorPalette is an NSScrollView that supports dynamic loading of NSView grouped by section as like in XCode Inspector Window. You can collapse or expand an item in order to hide or show it's...
DMSlidingCell screenshot


July 08, 2012 • MIT License
DMSlidingCell is a simple Slide-To-Reveal implementation of UITableViewCell you can found in Twitter and many other applications. It uses blocks and Core Animation so it requires iOS 4.x or later.
DMTabBar screenshot


June 21, 2012 • MIT License
DMTabBar is a simple segmented control / bar that mimics the XCode 4 Inspector segmented control.
DMScrollingTicker screenshot


June 05, 2012 • MIT License
DMScrollingTicker is an advanced horizontal scroll ticker class made in Objective-C for iOS. It doesn’t use standard NSTimer to perform animations but instead Quartz Layers / CoreGraphics. It allow...
DMTwitterOAuth screenshot


May 15, 2012 • MIT License
An Objective-C library (made using blocks) implementing OAuth protocol for Twitter Login and persistent session, plus an example iOS (iPhone) app demonstrating its use.