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KPProgressImageView screenshot


KPProgressImageView - simple UIImageView subclass to provide double-tinted images for showing any operation progress in easy way.

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DPTheme screenshot


DPTheme help you set default theme color for your app. Shorten the time of customization for UIControls with just one line of code.

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KYDigitalFontView screenshot


KYDigitalFontView is a custom view that displays the character in the digital font style ・IBDesignable support

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MaterialView screenshot


Material Floating Button for iOS - Swift

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LGFlapJackStackView screenshot


A view that supports competing, horizontally stacked bar graphs.

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RMSaveButton screenshot


A drop-in replacement for a click-to-save action in iOS.

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JCCollectionViewWaterfallLayout screenshot


Support multiple section, and can add headerView and footerView.

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DPImageCache screenshot


Swift extension for UIImageView. Help loading image asynchronously and store local file cache.

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DKDropMenu screenshot


DKDropMenu is a simple iOS drop down list written in Swift. It expands and collapses. It allows the user to select only one item at a time. Items are just Strings. A delegate is notified when selection occurs. DKDropMenu is IBDesignable and IBInspectable with customizable colors, font, and row heights.

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SKStatefulTableViewController screenshot


UITableviewController subclass that supports pull-to-refresh, load-more, initial-load, and empty states.

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