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BTBalloon screenshot


BTBalloon is a custom UIView subclass that will display text and optionally an image and/or button in a balloon style popup. You could use this view as tool tips to highlight various parts of your apps UI, or create an interactive tutorial (see example project). Think of BTBalloon views as being a cross-between UIAlertView and UIPopover.

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Spinner screenshot


This is a swift port of VMGearLoadingView made by VuMai (https://github.com/VuMai/VMGearsLoading).

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ResponsiveLabel screenshot


A UILabel subclass which detects given patterns specified by regular expression and makes them tappable. This also allows to replace the default ellipse of UILabel with tappable attributed string. Convenience methods are provided for hashtag, user handle and URL detection.

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DRCellSlideGestureRecognizer screenshot


Make your cells actionable through swipes

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RBSentinel screenshot


RBSentinel helps in improving the communication between the applewatch and the parent application. It opens up a REST based interface to handle information needed by the watchapp

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KODropdownNotification screenshot


Fully customizable notification view for iOS. Uses Autolayout

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Circular Indicator screenshot

Circular Indicator

Circular Indicator is a simple circulator that fills up a circle as a ring or a full circle, which can be used to display the progress of a task or as a timer as used in the example.

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PullToMakeSoup screenshot


Custom animated pull-to-refresh that can be easily added to UIScrollView

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WAAccountStore screenshot


WAAccountStore is a simple yet extensible account system. It encapsulates the basic account management functions, the security storage of the account credential. And allows you to store any useful information you want with a account.

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PathFindingForObjC screenshot


A Comprehensive PathFinding Library for Objective-C.

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