Weekly Roundup: App Architecture

by Aaron Brethorst | June 21, 2014

If you've been around the iOS world for a while, you've undoubtedly heard folks grumbling (or you've done some grumbling of your own) about the typical state of Apple's sample code. Don't get me wrong, there are occasionally absolute gems, like UIImage+ImageEffects (which has probably been added to half of the apps on the App Store today...), but it seems like these are few and far in between. One of the biggest omissions, in my opinion, has been the lack of sample code from Apple demonstratin...

Control of the Week: DZNEmptyDataSet

by Aaron Brethorst | June 21, 2014



Weekly Roundup: Just Do What's Right

by Aaron Brethorst | June 15, 2014

The Apple of 2014 is clearly not the same company that it once was. Tim Cook said back in 2011 that Steve Jobs' last words of advice for him were, "never ask what [Steve] would do, just do what's right." The modern Apple is a company that is ruthless about reinventing itself. It releases lower margin products that cannibalize sales of higher margin cash cows. It creates expansive redesigns ...

Weekly Roundup: Thoughts on WWDC

by Aaron Brethorst | June 07, 2014

I spent all of last week in San Francisco for Apple's 25th Worldwide Developers Conference, and, like many others, I was absolutely floored by what I saw. In two ways, I think this was the most important WWDC I've ever experienced.

First, and perhaps most importantly, are signs of Apple opening up. This manifested itself in myriad ways, ranging from the speed at which Apple posted WWDC session videos, to the relaxation of the NDA around topics discussed in the keynote, to some of the...

Weekly Roundup: Goofy WWDC Rumors

by Aaron Brethorst | May 26, 2014

With one week until WWDC, the rumor mill is continuing to churn out some of the oddest grist I've seen in recent memory. First, there are the entirely logical and believable rumors, like that Apple will be updating the look and feel of OS X to more closely resemble iOS 7 (well, iOS 8, I suppose).

Then there are the perennial favorites, like Apple adding NFC to the ne...

Control of the Week: CHAnimation

by Aaron Brethorst | May 26, 2014


CHAnimation ...

Weekly Roundup: Will you be at WWDC?

by Aaron Brethorst | May 17, 2014

WWDC starts two weeks from Monday. Are you going to be in San Francisco for that week? Let me know, I'd love to see as many people who read Cocoa Controls as possible! I'll be in the Bay Area from Sunday, June 1 to Friday, June 6.


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Control of the Week: RQShineLabel

by Aaron Brethorst | May 17, 2014



Weekly Roundup: Forgot about Cook

by Aaron Brethorst | May 10, 2014

Apple's buying Beats? For $3.2 billion? What?! It begs the question why Apple would be interested in purchasing a nascent streaming company instead of one of the bigger dogs, like Rdio or Spotify, but I'm sure Tim Cook et al have their reasons. Ostensibly the purchase price can't matter that much. So it must be something else. Beats also has a popular line of hardware, and two of the b...

Control of the Week: TGLStackedViewController

by Aaron Brethorst | May 10, 2014