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R.swift screenshot


Get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, fonts and segues in Swift projects

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Navigation screenshot


- Simplifies UIViewController instantiation using only the controller StoryboardID. - Check the existence of a UIViewController in the project with the controller StoryboardID - Return list name ...

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CapsuleView screenshot


An easy to use drop-in view to create a beautiful card style effect with a title placeholder and body content.

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KSFacebookButton screenshot


KSFacebookButton is a simple custom button which look exactly the same as FBSDKLoginButton. The problem with FBSDKLoginButton is that it do not allow any customisation on the look and feel of the b...

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BPBlockActivityIndicator screenshot


BPBlockActivityIndicator is a clean and easy-to-use Activity Indicator meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOS.

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PMSuperButton screenshot


PMSuperButton is a powerful UIButton coming from the countryside, but with super powers! 😎 A easy way to create custom and complex buttons with custom attributes, directly added to the iOS Interfac...

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StoryboardConstraint screenshot


A simple way to use programmatically Autolayout Constraint created in Storyboard.

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Hero screenshot


Supercharged transition engine for iOS.

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CustomSegue screenshot


Custom segue for OSX Storyboards with slide and cross fade effects using NSViewControllerTransitionOptions

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OHCircleSegue screenshot


An animated segue which expands or contracts depending on if it's transitioning to or from (unwind) a particular view controller. Point of origin for animation can be specified at runtime.

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JZBorderedView screenshot


A UIView subclass with four configurable borders and separators via storyboard. Insets are configurable too. An alternative to static UITableView as Static table views are only valid when embedded ...

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ResourceInstantiatable screenshot


iOS resources management framework in Swift2

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TLAnimatedSegue screenshot


Segue for present controllers with custom animations.

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Cutaway screenshot


Even for moderately complex apps, it soon becomes clear that having a single storyboard file for everything gets unmanageable pretty quickly. As a solution, we can have multiple storyboards and ins...

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CCMPopup screenshot


Easy to use popup controller transition. It includes a custom segue for easy storyboard connection, or can be called by code with custom modal transition

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Movies screenshot


Movies is a collection of a few UI/UX ideas that came up whilst developing an iOS app called Wattmo ( You'll find tableviews, details pages, collection views, cool loading ani...

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PTEHorizontalTableView screenshot


Horizontal UITableView inspired by EasyTableView

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GRPushSegue screenshot


A custom NSStoryboardSegue to make a nice iOS-like push transition.

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AMBTableViewController screenshot


Storyboard and Prototype Cells-centric block-based UITableView controller to manage complex layouts.

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NHLocalize screenshot


NHLocalize helps you localize your apps through storyboards.

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MSPageViewController screenshot


Create UIPageViewControllers using only storyboards

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VMTableViewArrayDataSource screenshot


A simple category to use static UITableViewCells without having to use storyboards.

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P2MSStoryboard screenshot


Animate the objects by simple instructions without requiring code Check for more information

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iOSAppTemplate screenshot


A functional and useful template for iOS applications. Includes: - Animated side menu. - Todo list integrated with - Map with MapKit. - Embed youtube video. - NEW: Parse offlin...

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Canvas screenshot


Animate in Xcode without code.

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