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MGCircleButton screenshot


Subclass of UIButton, button with circle background image of custom color

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YXTPageView screenshot


A PageView, which supporting scrolling to transition between a UIView and a UITableView

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NSGIF screenshot


iOS Library for converting videos to animated GIFs.

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ABCTabBarController screenshot


ABCTabBarController is a tabBarController inspired by Google's Material Design.

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XMLParser+Dictionary screenshot


A lightweight XMLParser for assembling and parsing XML values written for iOS 8+ in Swift 2.

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Google Material Design Icons Swift screenshot

Google Material Design Icons Swift

Google Material Design Icons Library for iOS

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ZXKVStore screenshot


ZXKVStore means ZhangXi key-value Store,It's small and easy to use for store data.

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Monkey screenshot


Monkey is a GitHub third party client for iOS,to show the rank of coders and repositories.

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SAInboxViewController screenshot


UIViewController subclass inspired by "Inbox by google" animated transitioning. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inbox-by-gmail-new-email-app/id905060486?mt=8

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DKImagePickerController screenshot


New version! It's A Facebook style Image Picker Controller by Swift.

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