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ApolloDB screenshot


A secure and easy to implement database for your apps.

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JTMaterialSpinner screenshot


An iOS spinner view based on material design

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BubbleWindowSlider screenshot



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Popover screenshot


Popover is a balloon library like Facebook app. It is written in pure swift.

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JTFadingInfoView screenshot


The google's material design like notification view with smooth fade in/out animation features. You can select fade in/out direction as you like. Also, customizable properties can be tweaked behaviors and enhance your application UI cool. With this library, you can easily implement floating in-app notification to your app, such as login success/fail notification messages.

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LMAlertPopover screenshot


LMAlertPopover provides a simple API for showing an NSAlert as Popover (NSPopover). ARC is currently not supported but it should be easy to convert the project. Alternatively, if your project is using ARC, you can also just disable it for LMAlertPopover.m. See the following StackOverflow post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6646052

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LMComboBox screenshot


LMComboBox is a subclass of NSComboBox that provides an easy way to access the underlying NSTableViewDelegate, allowing you to make customizations to the drawing of the items in the NSComboBox.

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PARTagPicker screenshot


This pod provides a view controller for choosing and creating tags in the style of wordpress or tumblr.

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SJDataTableView screenshot


It moves vertically and horizontally Table

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ColorDebugView screenshot


ColorDebugView is a simple NSView/UIView which lets you get something up on the screen quickly when roughing out layouts/animations. It displays a translucent rectangle or dot with directional crosshairs to debug layout issues. Features: - Works for both OS X and iOS - Translucent by default to help debug issues with overlapping views - Crosshairs to help with alignment - The ‘Up’ direction is marked to debug issues with rotation/animation - Can be rectangular or circular - IBDesignable/Inspectable for direct use within Interface Builder - Choose a custom color (or just use a random one)

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