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NgKeyboardTracker screenshot


Objective-C library for tracking keyboard in iOS apps. An article describing the usage: https://medium.com/@meiwin/a-stickler-for-details-implementing-sticky-input-fields-in-ios-f88553d36dab

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ARNZoomImageTransition screenshot


Custom image zooming animation transition & interactive transition. (Swift lang)

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BugReportKit screenshot


Easier bug reports on iOS. Just take a screenshot in your app, doodle on the image, and send it away! Currently, Bug reports can be added to Github Issues, Gitlab Issues, JIRA issues, or sent as em...

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AZSoundManager screenshot


Audio playing in iOS apps. Many useful audio actions, like playAtSecond, restart, and many others! Bonus: demo includes UI-ready audio components.

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GradientSlider screenshot


GradientSlider is a UIControl subclass which is similar to UISlider, but with a linear gradient coloring the slider’s track. Useful for creating color pickers. It is written in Swift. Features: ...

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SwiftLocation screenshot


SwiftLocation is a simple 100% Swift wrapper around CoreLocation. Use Location services has never been easier and you can do it with your favourite language. Let me show the best features of the li...

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Morse_Encoding_Decoding screenshot


This project allows you to encode and decode Morse code using your device flashlight and camera. For decoding was used augmented reality library OpenCV 2

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JMImageScanning screenshot


Basic ocr recognition to hack secure keyboards

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ApolloDB screenshot


A secure and easy to implement database for your apps.

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JTMaterialSpinner screenshot


An iOS spinner view based on material design

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