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MaterialControls screenshot


In 2014, Google published the Google Material Design with a goal to provide guidelines for good design and beautiful UI across all device form factors. For Android, developers can use default Android controls. For iOS, FPT Software built those controls to bring Google material design to iOS application. This is the most complete material design controls for iOS so far.

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LMGaugeView screenshot


LMGaugeView is a simple and customizable gauge control for iOS.

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CKWaveCollectionViewTransition screenshot


Cool custom transition between UICollectionView's with wave like animation

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MultiSelectController screenshot


MultiSelectController is useful for making multiple selection with see selection on the top of controller.

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Polymer screenshot


Endpoint focused networking

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SJStackNavigation screenshot


stackNavigationViewController Swipe Gesture

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JTSplashView screenshot


Create the beautiful splash view. It is designed as a singleton so you do not have to care about instances.

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ZSeatSelector screenshot


Create a Seat Map Layout, also with Objective-C !!

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LocationPicker screenshot


LocationPickerViewController is a UIViewController subclass to let users choose locations by searching or selecting on map. It's designed to work as UIImagePickerController. User can select location either by searching or long pressing on map. In both cases you'll receive CLPlacemark, which contains location coordinates as well as information such as the country, state, city, street address, and POI names.

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PFSystemKit screenshot


OS X (and - partially - iOS) framework for getting software and hardware informations (such as CPU vendor, RAM size, device model and serial, …) at runtime. Relies on IOKit and SysCtl, as well as on the now-deprecated GestaltManager, for compatibility purposes only. Here's what you can gather with PFSystemKit: * CPU informations (vendor, nominal clock speed, caches size, core count, thread count, marketing name) * RAM infos (size, usage statistics) * GPU infos (matching framebuffer, model, ports) * Device infos (device family (e.g. MacBook Pro), model (MacBookPro8,1), version (8,1), serial) * Battery (voltage, current, serial, manufacturer, age in days, cycle count, temperature)

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