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RPClarity screenshot


RPClarity is a set of extensions, demonstrated in a swift playground that shows a technique for blurring an image behind the individual characters (glyphs) of one or more UILabels in order to improve the contrast between text (often white) and the image behind the text.

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KolodaView screenshot


KolodaView is a class designed to simplify the implementation of Tinder like cards on iOS.

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ZOZolaZoomTransition screenshot


Zoom transition that animates the entire view heirarchy. Used extensively in the Zola iOS application.

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ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView screenshot


ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView is check visible cells position. And setting cell's scale and alpha. [Github here]( https://github.com/ikemai/ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView)

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PDMenu screenshot


Animated drop down menu written in Swift 2.0

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WAAppRouting screenshot


WAAppRouting is a library to help you dealing with routing on your app by handling controllers. The key point is that WAAppRouting handles a stack of controllers! After a simple configuration, calling for example "myappscheme://articles/3/comments/new" will allocate or reload, place every controller in the stack for you, automatically. WAAppRouting also supports block handling on path matching + wildcard URLs

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CRColorPicker screenshot


A simple horizontal ColorPicker for iOS apps. Easy to add in your project.

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KIPageView screenshot


infinite scrollview

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CalculatorKeyboard screenshot


Custom Input View that mimics a calculator keyboard for fast number input and mathematical operations

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JCBounceButton screenshot


Button that does bounce effect once it has been pressed

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