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THSideBar screenshot


NSOutlineView, badge, drag and drop

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FatSidebar screenshot


Custom vertical button toolbar for macOS

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LMSideBarController screenshot


LMSideBarController is a simple side bar controller inspired by Tappy and Simon Hoang.

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SMButtonDropAnimation screenshot


Tap On button then next button will come with bounce animation.

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KVRootBaseSideMenu-Swift screenshot


It's a root base side menu with autolayout for iOS applications & It is also written in pure swift.

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AKSideMenu screenshot


Beautiful iOS side menu library with parallax effect. Written in Swift

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SabBar screenshot


Drop-in UITabBarController subclass that shows a sidebar with tabs based on trait collections.

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DLHamburguerMenu screenshot


A "hamburger" sidebar menu control written entirely in swift. It presents a menu over the current visual contents (i.e: Above the current UINavigationController). It's easy to integrate using storyboards.

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ScreenSceneController screenshot


ScreenSceneController — custom view controller that manages the navigation of hierarchical content in JetRadar and Aviasales apps. It's written in Swift.

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CDSideBarController screenshot


CDSideBarController is a light and easy side bar with custom iOS7 animations and actions

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CDRTranslucentSideBar screenshot


Translucent Side Bar for iOS7 CocoaPods pod 'CDRTranslucentSideBar'

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FrostedSidebar screenshot


Hamburger Menu based off of RNFrostedSidebar (, written in Swift, and uses the new iOS 8 UIVisualEffectView for the UIBlurEffect.

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PCSideBarController screenshot


UIViewController which provide navigation via a side bar. Side bar items are to select view controller and manage also actions buttons.

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RNBlurredSideViewController screenshot


RNBlurredSideViewController is a side view controller with a dynamic blurred background effect when swiping similar to the iOS 7 control center. It can be used to show views on the side like the Facebook or Path app. The unique feature of RNBlurredSideViewController is that it can blur the side view background dynamically when swiping which is similar to the iOS 7 control center. The implementation of the blur effect is not based on UIToolbar. The blur effect can be customized. RNBlurredSideViewController is available through [CocoaPods](, to install it simply add the following line to your Podfile: pod "RNBlurredSideViewController"

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ICSDrawerController screenshot


ICSDrawerController is a left-side drawer controller for iPhone (iOS 7 or later) with all the features you'd expect, plus it's small, easy to read and tailor to your needs.

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LRScrollingSidebarController screenshot


Sidebar controllers are certainly one the the most implemented UX patterns in iOS. They became very popular due to Facebook and Path implementation. Nowadays, there are a lot of them, too may I'd say. They've replaced a lot of the tab-bar based apps, but unfortunately, they all share the same problem, they are all wrong in terms of physics. Yes, there are some out there that are kind of cool based on iOS 7 dynamics, but still, they don't work the way I expect this kind of controls to work. When you drag and release the panels, you feel like they stop suddenly, sharply, the panels don't flow and slide like they should. Mimicking physics as most of the libraries try is very, very difficult, you won't do it perfectly and you will feel this sudden speed changes or sharpness and abruptness when releasing the finger with a certain velocity. So? What's the solution? Pretty simple actually: use a scroll view. That simple. We are all used to the scroll view physics... Why just don't use it for this very purpose? The result is a sidebar controller that is a pleasure to use... Install it on your device and use it, you'll se the difference.

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Sidebar-Reveal-Taasky screenshot


Sidebar like in Taasky app. [Uses Paperfold under the hood](

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ECSlidingViewController 2 screenshot

ECSlidingViewController 2

ECSlidingViewController is a view controller container that manages a layered interface. The top layer anchors to the left or right side of the container while revealing the layer underneath it. This is most commonly known as the "Side Menu", "Slide Out", "Hamburger Menu/Drawer/Sidebar", etc... It features support for all screen sizes, all orientations, storyboards, and custom transitions. The animation, interaction, and layout are all customizable. The examples implement a "Fold", "Zoom", and "UIKit Dynamics" type of transitions.

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RNFrostedMenu screenshot


Add your own Control Center-esque UI to your app to work as navigation or even toggle different settings. Blend right into the new iOS 7 design with animated blurs, flat design, and custom animations.

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MMDrawerController screenshot


A lightweight, easy-to-use side drawer navigation controller. MMDrawerController is a side drawer navigation container view controller designed to support the growing number of applications that leverage the side drawer paradigm. This library is designed to exclusively support side drawer navigation in a light-weight, focused approach while exposing the ability to provide custom animations for presenting and dismissing the drawer.

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ADSlidingViewController screenshot


An easy to use sliding view controller packed full of features. Supports all iOS devices that can run >= iOS 5.

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